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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 1 - Page 2

September 2003

"Blueberries Rushes": At our June meeting it was my impression that we had the pleasant experience of "doers" and "viewers" working harmoniously. We got a big kick from viewing the "rushes" and then seeing how two of our members selected their shots to make storyboards.
Did we take enough cutaways and reaction shots fro "inserts?"
Memory-stick: Blueberries! Old Dave's going back a bit, wafting through the chambers of memory, recalling the times when many of us took a tripod, a movie camera and a stills camera along on a vacation.

The exposed rolls of 35mm film (or 120 size) went off to Kodak, an E6 Lab or a print lab and the movie boxes to the movie lab. It was sure a thrill to relive the happy events, as we viewed carefully-exposed, pin-sharp images on a silver screen!
Then the paraphernalia got stuffed away. More boxes of slides on the shelves, projectors and screen into the closet, MORE 4 x 6 photos lovingly placed in albums and stacked on another shelf. But, all too true, for many of us, seldom retreived thereafter!
And if unsuspecting guests were lured into visiting us, we'd lock the doors, fool around for an hour setting up the show, have a few false starts (and a few more double whiskeys!) and the slide show would roll. Luckily for the visitors they could nod off or yawn in the darkness, as we, as hosts yapped on and on about vacation events. And, as for photo prints, how could it be possible for a group of people to simultaneously view 4 x 6 prints in an album, where a photo, for example, showed Uncle Paul's smile the size of a pin head!
First thing first: If any of us club members can't live with the comparatively lously image-resolution that TV produces, then read no further! TV is a Lo-res medium.
First do what a video camera is supposed to do: shoot your video movie.
As a "side" activitiy, now, take some still shots, some of which may even find their way into your movie.
Think of it: 350 (TV-Quality) images on one piece of plastic, the lenght of two postage stamps and 2 mm thick. Push it into your Sony Video camera, click, click, click away and view your still shots immediately on the LCD pull-out screen.
After you get home, view the shots, save or delete with an uncomplicated push of the index finger, or view all of your still photos via a firewire into your editor or via an S- or Composite wire into a TV monitor. Even at a motel!

That's just the beginning of the fun with memory-stick. You can transfer your still shots to either a DV tape in the camera or to the NLE editor and you can do the reverse, i.e., "grabbed" still frames from any DV tape you have and flick them on to the memory-stick.
Why not prepare an old-fashioned slide show from your still photos later on at home? Build it on your Avio or iMac or Pinnacle; add music and commentary tracks and transitions. Download your show on to a DV or S-VHS tape.
Also, it's easy to add some video motion clips into the "slide-show". Each "slide" held for about 5 seconds duration, properly-sequenced. of course. Aha! I see that you have the hang of it already.
That's not all. For PC or Mac buffs, with an inexpensive Sony "reader" and CD program, or with a printer that has a memory stick slot built in to it, you too, can have your own "photo Lab" at home an make beautiful 4 x 6 prints for friends who don't have computers in their homes. Or just hand the memory stick to the photo lab and ask for prints of the shots you like. Costco, 29 cents a 4 x 6 print I For those who use email there are "attachments."
Now, the coup-de-grace ! Think of all that storage space assigned to slide boxes and photos-albums and compare it to how just a few memory-sticks inserted in their tiny protective envelopes, then placed on one page of a binder -ten vacations (easily) on one page. One memory stick the size of two stamps equals three photo albums. One stick equals about 10 slide boxes of 36-ers. And, in a few years, when DVD burners replace VCR's, you can transfer all of your "slideshows" to DVD for permanency. No color-fading; no tape decay; no generation loss.
Vacations in your future: Just the tripod and the video camera needed - no stills camera to be toted along as well? No more slide boxes; no more photo albums?
Mike has been designing a web site and a brochure for us.
Please review samples at the Meeting. The website could help recruit new members and put The Bulletin, including Page 2 on it, for those of us online.
The Club Brochure, left as handouts in local stores, may bring in new members, too. A round of applause for Mike!
The Videographer Magazine. Published in Ontario has our Club advertised in it, along with an article  by your faithful scribe. Ask Dave if you'd like to see it.

Margaret has received an invitation from Roger Garretson.
He wants to run the 2004 AMMA/Ten Best Convention in Victoria. Could we run the JUDGING part of this Show? (Not the actual 3 days Convention ?)

Your faithful scribe