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Victoria Video Club

Senior Celebration Festival 2007 & 2008

Club Members Staff a booth
for the 2007 & 2008 Celebration 
Pearkes Recreation Centre
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Both in March 2008 and 2007, club members staffed a booth at the 2nd and 3rd annual Senior Celebration Festival in Victoria. David Fuller discovered this great opportunity back in March 2006 while wiling away some time in his dentist's office, browsing through the magazines.
The festival is a celebration of the achievements and talents of seniors, and what better event to tell folks about the joys of movie making for personal growth, family events and the like. With over 4000 visitors to the show it was a great way to 'show the flag' for the club.
The booth had a television (with a built in DVD player) courtesy of Margaret, that played the Shaw interview as well as a selection of other club member movies (DVD assembled by David). Michael brought along his camcorder, setup on a tripod and hooked up to a portable DVD player as a 'field monitor'.  A club banner was hung on the curtain at the back of the booth that proudly announced who we are, and there was plenty of literature for visitors to browse and take with them. The club business card, brochure, and a copy of the March bulletin were all available. The free draw also brought people into the booth.

Each year the booth has been staffed with enthusiastic club members: Eleanor, Alice, Ray, Peter, Margaret, Gord, etc.--- who kept visitors entertained and talking about their interest in movie-making. 
Everyone had a good time, and lets hope that some of the visitors to our booth decide to come to a monthly meeting, or tell one of their friends about the interesting "Victoria Video Club." 

2008 Festival



2007 Festival



The club booth was a success---look at all the smiling faces...!