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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 66 No 7 - Page 2

APRIL 2007



From a previously mutually happy friendship, I recently initiated a video-swap, personal, me-to-thee with a member of the Isle of Wight Video Club. Call him Ian, 40’s, wife & kids. A real fire-wire !


Along came his compilation (which we’ll view soon), about 49 minutes, several genres, really all high-powered, energy-filled short movies. Delightful . I’m cooking one to him in return.


I made some positive comments to him after viewing his compilation. I said if he lived in Victoria, he’d make an asset to our Club . His next email contained a request to become a member! “Could I enter my videos?” he asked.


 Now, Old Dave has been harping on “audio-layering” for a while and he’s been practising what he preaches, if you haven’t noticed . Blue Jay Bistro?


Audio-layering has become THE big dimension in amateur-produced movies, world-wide. With NLE, it seems to me that all of us can seize upon the huge benefits of audio-layering . Even with only three audio tracks, you can patch in a few “stings or tags”, each just a few seconds long. Like punctuation marks. Lot more possibilities with six or more audio tracks. An upgrade to your editor?


Why don’t we do more of it?


Hey, if you ain’t convinced that audio-layer is the “ants’ pants”, take a steady viewing of NOVA (PBS Tuesdays 8:00PM) or National Geographic (KNOW, weekends, 7:00 PM) These programs show you how effective short “stings” and “tags” can be. Selectively, listen to the job they do !


All of us can have the luxury of “audio punctuation.”  Ask me where to begin..!


For our April meeting, would you have tucked away in your mind, what YOU think were the positive highlights - what did we achieve, and do well for the year so far?


David Fuller

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The day started at 10 a.m. and finished at 4 p.m. I want to thank Michael and Peter for helping on the day before, setting up the booth which I think looked quite attractive.
Thanks to Sheila for printing various attractive sheets pertaining to club news, contests etc. Many people came through and it seems we gleaned a few new members.
Thanks go to Eleanor, Alice, Ray, Michael and Peter for staffing the booth. And Dave produced a DVD of the Shaw interview and a few of the members videos. It was well done—thanks Dave. The DVD showed well on the combined TV/DVD player. Thanks again for the help and support which gives our club more profile, which it needs to aquire new members.
Margaret Chamberlain
p.s. For more info and pictures about our booth click here