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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 2

DATE      Tuesday, October 28, 2003

PLACE     St. George's Church Hall, 3909 St. George's Lane

TIME       7:30 P.M.


  • Hugh will show us his video production "A Journey on the Rocky Mountaineer." [Link to Rocky Mountaineer Web Site]
  • Margaret will show video of Mark Levy, a patent attorney from upstate New York, giving his speech "Copyright Issues and Videomaking," at the California convention.
  • Dave will show some video productions from the Tasmania club.

OUR NEXT EXECUTIVE MEETING will be held on Tuesday, October 28, at 6:30 p.m. at St. George's Church Hall, prior to the general meeting.

OUR CLUB DUES for the coming season are now overdue. These are $30 per individual membership, $35 same address family and $10 non-attending associate member.

THE 'SONG TITLE' CONTEST deadline is the October 28 meeting. Your video production(s), in this contest, is to be based on the words of a song of your choice. Your entries may be up to 6 minutes long (including all titles and credits). You may enter as many videos as you wish.

THE TEN MINUTE CONTEST deadline is the November 26 meeting. In this contest, you may choose what ever topic you wish and enter as as many videos as you like. Your productions may be up to ten minutes in length (including all titles and credits).

OUR CHRISTMAS DINNER will be held on December 5, at the Princess Mary Restaurant.

THE ANNUAL CONTEST DEADLINE is the January 27 meeting. In this contest, your entries may be on any subject and up to fifteen minutes in length. There are three classes: Novice, Intermediate and Open. You may enter as many videos as you wish. Refer to your "Contest Rules" sheet for qualifications.

THE ASSIGNED SUBJECT CONTEST deadline will be the meeting in April. The topic will be "Signs."

CLUB WEBSITE - Michael Veronneau has created a website for our club! Have a look at it at If there is anything that you would like changed on it, or if you have any ideas on what could be added, please contact Michael.

IN THE SCCA COMPETITION this year, three of our club members won six of the awards! In the Intermediate Class, "Leicester - Heart of the Highlands" by Margaret Chamberlain was First Runner-Up, and her video "Homecoming" was Second Runner-Up. In the Novice Class, "Against All Odds" by David Fuller was the winner, "Pearl of the Pacific" by Eleanor Haire was First Runner-Up, and "Grandpa's Breadmakers" by Dave received Honorable Mention. In the Compulsory Subject Class, "Homecoming" by Margaret was First Runner-Up.