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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 66 No 9 - Page 2

JUNE 2007


Club Picnic in Crofton: May 23, 2007


Crofton---"Take 2". Once again Margaret hosted a lively club picnic at the Osborne Bay Resort in Crofton on Wednesday May 23, 2007. Last year's visit was on June 13, 2006 and the same energy that made that visit so enjoyable was still lingering...trapped perhaps in the copper slag and released with the critical mass of friends gathering to have some fun.
Peter pulled out his motorized pan head, Michael his 'fluid' monopod and tripod, Ray his camcorder, and Margaret her 'dolly-in-development' and we were off for a wide-open afternoon of fun discussion, stories and yummy food.
Margaret showed a storyboard for a short comedy production that she is leading up, and the club members got a chance to meet Phillip, a fellow Osborne Bay Resort camper, who agreed to play the role of the Minister in the produciton. Stay tuned for more details on this project, as Margaret is looking for assistance with camerawork, etc.
We shook off a few of the calories from our lunch with a post-lunch walk. Margaret got a few funny looks from passerbys as she brought along her "dolly" for the walk along the boardwalk...but she ended up with the last laugh as we viewed her footage back at the camper and had to agree that the low level footage was effective.
We also watched some footage taken by Stan and Gord and had to agree that we are a pretty sophisticated looking group of beachcombers. But all good things have to come to an end, so after a group photo and a bit more cleanup we bid adieu to Margaret and made our way back to Victoria---closing out a very successful picnic for 2007.

Summer Plans?I

Got any plans for the summer? Great—those sound interesting. But why not consider adding a bit of personal growth—videography style—to your summer plans? Just check out one of the club's new training VHS tapes or DVDs


and set yourself a goal of practicing some of the techniques, demonstrated in the DVD, over the summer. Then come back in the fall and show us some video that you've shot...and tell us about what you've learned that is useful to your movie making..!

      It might be as simple as learning to frame your shots better, or using angled shots to make your footage more three-dimensional, or maybe you are ready to graduate from the WALLDO* school of video techniques. Go ahead, find a few hours to improve your video making skills.


If books are more to your liking, then I'd recommend checking out the "Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video" book by Tom Schroeppel. At 89 pages it is the opposite of War and Peace's 1,424 pages to read, and the illustrations are a wonderful link in learning how to shoot better video.


Help Select Our Next Library Book

And speaking of books, each month we can order a free book from Focal Press ( and from Peachpit Press ( One evening, when you are surfing the internet, why not surf over to one of these sites and find a book that interested you. Just pass the title and author to Michael and he will order it to improve the depth of knowledge in our club library.
Mila had also proposed a plan where we could order a book from the publisher and when it arrives the club member makes a donation to the club and gets to keep the book for their personal library. So maybe you want to consider this an option.


Fall Ideas Workshop – 2nd Edition

No, this isn't a book. Rather, I think that we should hold a second "ideas" workshop in the fall. The, er, idea would be to build on the success of the ideas and energy that came out of the first workshop (back in May 2006).
So why not put a pencil and paper next to the bed, and if you wake up one night with the perfect "idea" jot it down and put it in a safe place to bring to the 2nd "Ideas Workshop".
Or keep your eyes peeled for poems, jokes, short scripts or stories that you could share with the club.
Cheers, Michael
* p.s. A prize will be awarded to the first person to contact me and tell me what this stands for–