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Victoria Video Club
Annual Reports


We bid adieu to a wonderful friend, Morris Aldersmith, this year. He was loved and respected for his lifetime achievements and the joy with which he created and showed his movies. And we recognize others who have encounted their own personal challenges this year, but who have continued to participate and contribute to the activities of the club. Well done. (Glen, Len, Dave, Sheila…and other unsung heroes)…
We were fortunate to welcome several guest speakers to our club this year. They covered topics ranging from editing with iMovie and Final Cut Pro, shooting video with two of the new HD camcorders from Sony, and the trials and tribulations of attending the Gulf Islands Film and Television School to make a movie.
Members also passed along their knowledge in several workshops dealing with layering audio, using a green screen for compositing video microphones and audio, and Dave continued to pass along tips & tricks on the Bulletin’s “Page 2” on items such as the value of labeling and cataloging footage and other camcorder-related activities.
"The Birth of Jesus" was awarded the “first runner up” award in the SCCA Annual Competition, Class “D” representing the best SCCA club film/video of the year. And there are currently two club projects in production: Stan Coe with “Grandma’s Gift”, and David Fuller with “Gin and Tonic.” Get involved…have some fun…and help make great movies!!
Thanks go to David for continuing to funnel a steady stream of movies from our sister video clubs to our club library. Movies from the Ten Best of the West, AMMA, and AMPS contests continue to entertain (and occasionally antagonize) club members…but we all benefit from the stream of movies that Dave is able to bring to the club.
Our club's learning library has grown, and the books benefit beginners through advanced learners and cover a wide range of topics. Thanks go to Sheila for managing, labeling, and storing this expanded library. Thanks go out to Focal Press, Peachpit Press and O'Reilly Media Inc. for their support of our club through their User Group Programs. Make it a summer project to sign out a book and learn something new about making movies..!!
The club's web site ( does not cost a cent to operate, and has grown with the addition of a detailed listing for our learning library. It continues to be the best ‘calling card’ or electronic brochure to talk about the club to prospective new members. Thanks to Michael for maintaining this...
We voted in a new logo that brings an updated image to the club and a symbol of what we try to achieve, and this logo is starting to appear on club materials, like the buttons that everyone has…
The club is in good financial shape. We have over $1,100 and we continue to manage our operations so that our annual revenue exceeds our expenses. The annual banquet was well organized and managed this year and the Christmas dinner was well attended and enjoyed by all. We also enjoyed a fine club picnic in Crofton in May.
Thank you Margaret. Margaret Chamberlain organized a booth at the Senior Celebration Festival (sponsored by Senior Living Magazine), with additional thanks to staffers Peter Kappel, Eleanor Haire, Alice Thomas, Ray Painchaud, and Michael Veronneau. And thanks to Dave for producing the ‘show’ DVD that looped in the background to show club members movies and the Shaw Interview. The club’s presence at the show resulted in several new members and was our largest marketing effort this year. One of the biggest obstacles to getting new members is that they just "...don't know that [the club] exists." You can't join what you don't know exists.
The club’s contest rules were revised and updated. This was a huge undertaking with the biggest stack of “Thank You” cards going to Sheila Perkins, for shepherding the process along to completion, and to Dave Fuller for his extensive research and contributions to the discussions.
Have a great summer and see you in the fall.
2005-06 Annual Report

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