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Victoria Video Club

Camcorder Workshop June 2008

June(uary) 10, 2008
Eagle Beach Picnic Shelter: Elk Lake
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Victoria---Members of the Victoria Video Club gathered at the Eagle Beach picnic shelter at 10:00am on Tuesday June 10th, to witness the coming of the next ice age. Ok, maybe thats a bit overstated, but "Juneuary" was the term that was on everyone's lips as the temperature plunged to chilly depths. Some colour was brought back to those worst affected, when the BBQ pit was transformed into a decent fireplace..!
In any case, we forged on and through a series of hands-on exercises, we covered such topics as composition, the 'rule of thirds', look room, natural framing, and dealing with backlighting. Handouts were distributed to reinforce the learning and everyone had a change to contribute some of their experience and knowledge. 
There was interest expressed in a follow-up session---albeit with the condition that it was in a space that is enclosed and preferably heated.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made the workshop such a success.




Thanks to Ray for the matches, and everyone who gathered some wood..!!