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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 2 - Page 2

October 2003


The October Meeting Program:

  • Convention 2003 - Margaret
  • Convention 2004 - the Scoop
  • Convention 2005 - workin on it
  • Brochure update - Mike
  • Website update - Mike
  • Entries for October contest
  • Viewing of Members videos
  • Hughs Train
  • Introduction to our 2002-3 compilation to Tasmania & Devon
  • Others
  • Other matters


It seems to me that there are a few good reasons why we should want to abandon "tape" technology (VHS, DV, etc.). One involves image degradation, another longevity of the tape medium .

Other side benefits - less storage space, less weight for mailing (just in a letter
envelope!) .

How? (said Cactus Flower. "When?" replied her handsome Brave.)

For those of us who are able to accommodate the wondrous maze and difficulties
of a computer, buying "add-ons" to install in your PC to burn DVDs from blanks is a significantly cheaper route to travel. And you can continue upgrading as technology changes without frequent visits to your less than friendly bank manager .

For others among us, there are the "stand alone" machines that already possess their own computers built into the "box" they come in. Its pretty obvious that the days of the venerable VHS VCR are limited, to be replaced at present by
disks . Video rentals on DVD display such improved resolution and splendid audio as well.

But there appear a couple of "bugs on the raster"


at the moment. Manufacturers are "doing their own things" with standards, so that its not always a "sure thing" that my "home-burnt" DVD will play on Uncle Charlies DVD player, nor Gregs own installation nor Charlottes "stand alone."

If I were a guy who found any pleasure in throwing money into the sinkhole of a poker machine, I'd be betting on Sonys current two products because it looks like Sony and buddies will win the Standards War, eventually . Sony presents two stand-alones now - one that burns directly on to a blank disk and tother first stores the data on an in-built 20 gb hard drive. Look for four figures on the tag - and maybe Im wrong about casinos !

For many members of our club, "time" may be "of the essence" when it comes to decisionmaking . Theres so much new and better technology descending on us at an accelerating speed. Our whiz-bang "stand-alones" of October, 2003 may look like an overpriced toy

in October, 2004 - or. worse - obsolete .


Sonys mini-disk as used in some of Hitachis current camcorder models The Blue laser - manifold recording times The motionless storage device - a memory stick the size of two postage stamps able to hold an hour of DV quality motion-picture images (the same as the current DV tape !)


Thanks, everyone, for writing your comments. I summarized them and emailed the summary to Hobart. One Tassie Club member told me their members were flattered . If you missed viewing this compilation, you can borrow the VHS copy


Your faithful scribe,