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Victoria Video Club

Video Training Courses/DVDs


London Drugs Video Workshop
Darren Kelly "The Camera Guy"

London Drugs offers a series of Photo and Video workshops. The workshops are hosted by Darren Kelly ("The Camera Guy") who, some members will know, has produced the Jumpstart Guides to Photography and Video Production. Our club library holds his "Jumpstart Guide to Shooting and Producing Great Video." 
Workshops are three hours long and contain a mixture of "...instruction and interactive activites designed to inform and enhance your experience with your particular camera. You will learn everything from the modes and features of your camera to basic rules of composition and lighting." The Video Workshop covers:
  • Choosing a format
  • SD vs HD/Cards or Hard Drives
  • A review of the Menus and Basic shooting tips
  • Controlling depth of field
  • Composition tips and tricks
  • Basic editing with Premiere Elements and Final Cut Pro
  • Making a DVD

For schedule and registration information visit the London Drugs Website for Workshops.


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Barry Casson c.s.c.

Barry's career in film and television began in the '70s. His formal film training took place in Hollywood, and in 1989 opened Vancouver Island's first film school. He is a keynote motivational speaker who offers film/video workshops through his "Speakfilm" web site.

Barry holds an excellent one day workshop titled "Professional Camcorder Techniques" and is the author of "The Video Bible." Check out his website for more information, including his tutorials page for some free tips.
Barry is offering a "Shooting Secrets for Great Camcorder Video" at Camosun college: Lansdowne campus:
Saturday Feb 5, 2011
9:30am - 4:30pm
$75 + HST
Would you like your camcorder home movies to have that professional look? This course will teach you 25 of the best producing, shooting and editing techniques you will ever learn - and no previous knowledge is required! Learn to solve common problems and some very creative ways to put a Hollywood spin on all that you are shooting. Make your family, special event and backyard videos look like you went to film school! Come with or without your camcorder and prepare to be ‘wowed'.
Course: 2011W PHOT 529G 001
You can register online at: 
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Anna Malkin

Anna has worked in the film industry in Toronto in post-production sound and  video editing, and is working as a video editing instructor and tutor for Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iMovie, iDVD and more...!!

Several members of our club have worked with her and have given her rave reviews for her knowledge, teaching ability and how easy she is to work with. Check  out her website and give her a call.



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Dan Curtis MEd
Dan Curtis is an award-winning documentary maker who is now using his twenty+ years of experience as a filmmaker, researcher, writer, and interviewer to help people tell the stories of their lives. As a filmmaker and Personal Historian, he offers workshops on creating Ethical Wills, as well as developing your interview and camcorder operating skills, typically through the Monterey Centre.
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Camosun College, Continuing Education

Camosun has offered various video training courses over the past few years. For 2006 they are offering the "Doc Shop." The Doc Shop is an intensive three–week workshop for aspiring documentary filmmakers, journalists, and people working in the area of factual entertainment. Teams of four will write, plan, shoot, edit and present a short documentary film in three dynamic and information filled weeks. You will get a brief history of how documentary films have evolved over time, and everything you will need to research, develop, pitch and produce. This intense immersion into the world of documentary and factual story-telling, the fastest growing genre in television today, will provide you with a calling card film for future creative and employment opportunities. Enrolment is limited.
Rainshadow Media Ltd July 10 - 28   $1,100

CINEVIC: Society of Independent Filmmakers
Check out their workshops for evening and weekend courses...

MediaNet was established in December 1981 and is a non-profit media art centre mandated to support and facilitate the creative use of video/film for communication and personal expression and to promote the creation, presentation and appreciation of independent video & film work.
They conduct training session for both members and non-members (see their "Workshops & Tech News" section, and they also have equipment that can be rented. MediaNet is located at:
#106 - 2750 Quadra St.
Victoria, BC V8T 4E8

SECTOR Learning Solutions
"Sights, Camera, ACTION!" July 10 to July 14, 2006. A five-day summer camp for 10-16 year olds of shooting video and editing. A "wrap party" on day five for parents to enjoy the finished movies. Register at Saanich RecOnline.

Know of a course about video-making or using camcorders? Drop us a line and we'll add it to our listing.

VANCOUVER & Other...

Continuing Studies
1399 Johnston Street

Langara College
100 West 49th Avenue
Check out their continuing education courses on film and video production.

The Gulf Islands Film and Television School
Galiano Island, BC

Training DVDs & Other...

An alternate to puchasing the training DVDs below (some of which are fairly expensive) is to look into renting from How-To DVDs --- look under the "Film" category. Not all disks are available, but many are:

  • Jumpstart Guide for Shooting and Producing Great Video
  • Jumpstart Guide to the Essentials of Better Video
  • Lighting for Digital Video

  • How to Setup, Light, & Shoot Great Looking Interviews

  • Hollywood Camera Work

  • Light it Right
  • Sound Success
  • Basic Shooting
  • Advanced Shooting
  • Introduction to Digital Video Editing
  • Introduction to Video Editing-The Art of Titles and Graphics
  • Advanced Editing – Guide to Advanced Computer Video Editing
  • The Money Shot

  • How to Shoot Super Videos
  • How to Shoot Great Wedding Videos

  • Professional Videography Techniques Made Simple
  • Video Lighting Fundamentals
  • Location Sound for Video
  • Digital Film School

  • Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques
  • Digital Lighting Magic: I – III

  • DV Enlightenment – Mastering the art of lighting for Digital Motion Photography

  • Director/Cameraman: Master the Shoot
  • Light it Right

  • How to Shoot Better Home Movies

  • Start Editing Now

  • Home Video Hits (VHS)

  • Shoot Great Video with your MiniDV Camcorder

  • The Young Filmmakers Club: Video Camera Techniques  

  • Camcorder Bootcamp
  • Digital Movie Maker: Guidance from an Expert

  • DVD Home Moviemaking: A beginner’s Guide

  • The Language of Film
  • The BBC Film and TV Production Training Course
  • Video Tech

  • Light Like a Pro, 2nd edition

  • Lighting for Video Film Style

  • Digital Cinema Training

  • Light and Shade: Understanding light and what to do with it
  • The Head Shot: Everything you need to know to make great looking shots for film and video
  • Green Screen for Idiots: Everything you need to know to make great looking green screen shots

  • Video Production basics How-To DVD Rental


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