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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 5 - Page 2

February 2004


Victoria Club Swaps with Portsmouth Club ?

Over the past few years, weve swapped video compilations with a Club in Devon, England . As you may agree, one of the benefits of this kind of exchange is viewing other videomakers gems, but also, both clubs receive written comments - which, by the way ! are not always very useful ones from some judges - if any .

The president of the Devon club is currently upgrading his qualifications in a mid-career job-switch; hes teaching part-time computer programming; he spends too much of his time fixing his club members computer glitches, and, consequently missed the November meeting when Victorias compilation was shown. The president apologized to me for his clubs not making written comments. So there aint gonna be none .

Meantime, Portsmouth asked Canadian Clubs to swap compilations. Weve agreed to do this.

As a matter for our interest, the Portsmouth scribe sent me an encapsulated version of "planned events" for February through June.

February: Short demo/lecture and members discussion about topic of animation .

Steve to arrange introductions by members to a video-compilation which will be submitted to chums - (Ed: a compliment !) in Canada. Include in it a short video about Portsmouth .

Competition, a documentary, max. 15 mins.

Ideas from members for a video entry, an amusing one-minute, for the South Counties contest

March: Talk and discussion about computers by member of Gosport Club

Visist Gosport Club to join in lecture/demo on "How to Win Contests".

Animation project to try putting what weve learnt .

"Shooters Hill" - Other peoples videos .

Gosport Club visits us for sharing viewing of videos

April: Spring Contest - max. 8 minutes

View and select videos for Quadrangle Festival

Show your edited holiday videos - max. 30 mins

May: "All My Own Work" . Two members show their short videos that were not up to good competition standard

Steve demonstrates Bricklaying - so bring your cameras and shoot it .

Artists in Action. Bring your video cameras and make a shoot.

Meet at The Solent and make an in-camera-edit movie



June: Portsdown Club visits us for a showing of videos made by both clubs.


Does this club look like one that DOES things ?


Vancouver Club Members to join us at our Banquet and Award-winners Exhibition ?

Shall we try inviting Vancouver members over ? Maybe we could rekindle a spirit of friendly "exchanges" in the future ?

Updated News on The Convention in Victoria

Roger Garetson (California) has asked us to supply him with a Promo. Video, so weve mailed him an S-VHS copy of the "introduction to our Annual Swaps with other Club" - the latter section about the Victoria harbor.

Now, were to provide him with digital still photos asap. Were "working on it." (For publications to be circulated to Clubs, as "promos.")

Digital stills taken at our Banquet on March 5th - perhaps a page on the website or attached as "Page 3" on the electronic version of the Bulletin ? Howzat ?

Idea: Another "Shoot" at the Meeting:

Similar to the Blueberries shoot last Spring

A script - suited to deploying two actors; kitchen furniture; dialogue throughout; members participation during the shoot; members encouraged to make their own edit versions

Script ? Members imaginations and "research" or an "original" storyline ? Example: convert a Bleeders Digest joke to a screenplay - about one minute duration. Enter one version in AMMA & TBW as a "Club Production."

Please let Dave or Margaret know if youre interested in such a "Shoot". And/or could provide a "joke", write a script , come up with a potentially wellsuited idea, or give Margaret or Dave copies - and "soonish" ? Phone call, email ?

Another Club "Shoot" ?

Summer one - produce a documentary-style under eight mins., at least two cameras; shots from the boat and from shoreline; edited-down, sufficiently compressed, carrying ambient sound, music, sparse commentary, about a group of members on a dah, dit,dit, de, dah !

"A Water Taxi Trip Up the Gorge", but different from Knowledge Networks pleasant vignette of it.

Whos "for it " ?

Your Humble scribe,