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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 6 - Page 2

March 2004


PROGRAM for MARCH Meeting :

Videos Not Yet Viewed by Members:

Maritime Holiday
Its a Winner
Others ?

Please bring a copy for us all to enjoy.

REVIEW of the Banquet Evening:

Vancouver Clubs Production of "How to Write a Successful Story-board Video" by George McLachlan (15 mins., original on DVD)


Lou Lanser of the Vancouver Club sent us a script for a storyboard movie and suggested that we might like to do our own version .

The "story" is an ancient joke. Dave wrote "another version" - see attachment to this Bulletin. Peter offered his house as a location, Hugh has plenty of "train sound effects" and now we need commitment from interested Club members - lots of helpers needed and any actors you can find would be helpful. Whos game ?


Amendment to be discussed.


This time, its a documentary-type -

"Up the Gorge" by water taxi. Knowledge Network shows its version . Dave suggested that our Club have a days fun doing this trip (or two) from a different perspective, and involving our Members as "trippers" and "shooters" .

Think about an "angle", or a "premise" of a way of focusing on a central idea, rather than going from point A to point B (and back) .

Our Club production could focus on people (thats "us" and passengers and helmsman and spectators and a good measure of dialogue) mixed in with "activities and scenery" on and from the boat, and, from the land as



well. At least two cameras at work. (Sonys Steadyshot would be a huge asset for this kind of Shoot.) One "dry-run" trip followed by a "chat" about planning the Shoot and then into it.

The taxi starts its service in May, I believe. Keep the editing at a fast pace, varied music support and sound effects (?) .  snippets of humor, if we can come up with them .

This is a challenge .

If we agree on doing Up the Gorge" Shoot, then any time after our Banquet would be a good time for us to cook up ideas in our heads as we lay on sleepless pillows .

Margaret will raise the matter of the above two Shoots at the March Meeting - your comments and interest welcomed.


PORTSMOUTH ( UK ) AND VICTORIAUpdate - Portsmouth will have its compilation by the end of April. Well send Portsmouth our 2002-2003 collection in return. See how it works out, eh ?


If you're happy about divulging the following information - how many members households have a DVD player ? Looking at the present and ahead just a tad, we may be able to make our own compilations and our overseas Clubs compilations available on DVD - DVDs could be stored in our Library, through Sheilas watchful eyes. You probably wont believe it until you see it for yourselves , but ..

A VHS amateur video production can look significantly sharper after transferring the VHS to a Home-brew" burn on to DVD . "Generation gain !" That is, if played via S cable from the DVD player .to your TV. No kidding ! Interest ? Please give Dave or Sheila the "nod".


To all who got "out" and sold Banquet tickets, many thanks . And a special word of gratitude to Margaret for her magnificent effort .