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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 6

DATE      Tuesday, March 30, 2004

PLACE    St. George's Church Hall, 3909 St. George's Lane

TIME       7:30 p.m.



Videos entered in the Annual Contest, which weren't shown at the banquet, will be shown. If you entered a video, which we didn't have time to show, please bring it to the meeting.

"How to Write a Successful Story-board Video," by members of the Vancouver Club, will be shown.

We will discuss doing a club shoot. Please bring the "Noises in the Night" script to the meeting.


OUR NEXT EXECUTIVE MEETING will be held on Tuesday, March 30, at 6:30 p.m. at St. George's Church Hall, prior to the general meeting.

MARGARET wishes to thank everyone on the executive for their help with the banquet.


It has been suggested that Article 2(f) be deleted from our constitution. It now reads: "(f) To promote public showings." This will be voted o at the March meeting.

THE ASSIGNED SUBJECT CONTEST deadline will be the April 27 meeting. The topic is "Signs." Your entries may be up to four minutes in length, including titles and credits. There is no limit to the number of videos that you may enter.

THE ONE MINUTE CONTEST deadline is the May 25 meeting. In this contest, your videos may be on any subject. They must be no more than one minute in length, including titles and credits. You may enter as many videos as you please. More than one video may be put on the same tape in this contest only.


1st  "A Rave Review"        by Margaret Chamberlain      Winner of 1st Place Certificate & Video Tape
2nd "April Showers"               Margaret Chamberlain      2nd Place Certificate
3rd "This Land is Your Land"     Jean Rawlings               3rd Place Certificate
       "Of Ice and Snow"           Margaret Chamberlain
       "Aquatic Life"                   ELeanor Haire
      "Maritime Holiday"           Eleanor Haire
      "Chum Salmon Run"        Jean Rawlings
      "It's a winner"                    Eleanor Haire

BEST PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR award was won by Margaret Chamberlain's video "A Rave Review." Congratulations Margaret.