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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 7 - Page 2

April 2004


CONTESTS - Coming up.

Mississippi International (if it runs this year)

Ten Best of the West



AMMA International

AMMA "Magic Moments" - 1 minute
(for AMMA members only)

AMPS International

I guess its time to be thinking about which of your gems youd like to pluck from the shelf and give them a shot. Maybe, with a nudge, youll finish that movie thats been jumping around in your mind .

I know, judges are a fickle lot . And theres the postage but golfers willingly fork out for tournaments and newly-designed golf-balls. Nothing "pitched", nothing sold.

Blueberries - The Club Production

Remember, we have at least three edited versions of the storyboard. I suggest we enter all of the edits, but into different contests for 2004. Register the entries as Victoria Club Productions on the entry forms. Daves quite content to enter his edit in the 2005 year. Hey, give it a go !

Portsmouth Video Club - the latest scoop

I had a phone call from the Portsmouth contact, advising us that hes put into the mail his Clubs PAL DVD compilation and will be looking forward to receiving our 2002-3 collage, as agreed upon.

Compilation from the Devon Club

The compilation from Ron Hagley (President of the Devon Club) on PAL VHS has arrived and


available for our viewing and for us to write brief comments . Is that OK with everyone ? Just on one hour total .

Drawing Up a Schedule for Sept.2004 thru June 2005

Members can leave this to the Executive for arranging topics and dates, but Im sure the Executive would welcome and appreciate input from all members. A speaker, a demonstration or two or three, however brief, a list of shorter members videos, contest caliber or just pleasant , competently edited presentations.

Just for fun or feedback or both. Itd be nice for us to have "program options" and to plug them into a calendar before 2004-5 begins. Good idea ?

Bronze Details to follow

About Aprils Program:

The video compilation from Devon . A variety of subjects . Total of 63 minutes . If its OK with members, itd be nice for each of us to jot down a few comments in the usual way, and Davell collate them and email them to Devon.

Sixty-three minutes of video content, nine segments, may consume at least 90 minutes, if we include "jotting time" . Maybe more. If we do this compilation over two meetings, would you mind putting a secret sign on your page, "incognito", so as Dave can return your sheet for the second viewing session ? However, if youre comfortable writing your own name on the sheet, OK with Dave.

Well be showing the Devon compilation on DVD, to VHS input (composite) .

Our 2003-4 Award-Winners Compilation:

This is available on loan from our resourceful archivist, Sheila. VHS format.

Your loyal scribe .