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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 8 - Page 2

May 2004


Comments from us to Devon Club:

Dave, (thats me), summarized comments made by members about the compilation from the Devon Club and emailed the summarization off .


Compilation from the Portsmouth Club (UK):

This will be shown at the May Meeting and, if wed be so kind as to make some more comments as  we did for the Devon Club, Ill summarize them and email them away.


Portsmouth Program  on DVD:


  The Skys the Limit

  The Last laugh

  A Farce

  Holiday in Portsmouth

  Fort Widly

  The Red Arrows

  Lincoln  Cathedral


Appox. 60 mins  plus time for writing comments


Our Awards Compilation for 2002-3 has been received by Portsmouth on DVD and, I understand, will be shown soon.


Review of the Memory Stick Demo:

Most Sony camcorders now have this feature and other manufacturers have alternative sticks.


The memory stick is useful if you  want to do all or any of the following:


Get  rid of   more   photo albums

Make slide shows on CD or DVD or S-VHS or VHS, adding music and/or commentary

Leave a stills camera in the wardrobe at home

Store 500 images of 4 x 6 photo quality on one stick the size of two postage stamps

Shoot directly on to the stick with the camcorder  set on photo

Transfer still frames from a DV tape, or from an S-VHS or VHS tape or TV program material to the  stick


Transfer stick images on to a DV tape in the same camera, or on to your editor, etc.

Review you still shots at the motel, via the camera swing-out monitor or via a TV monitor

Review your still shots at home   -  lock the  doors and invite guests in  -   (suckers ?)


And the big plus,  make 4 x 6 prints on regular photo-print paper, 29 cents each, at Costco or Future Shop, I-hour lab . Image resolution quite good at 4 x 6 size

          Or, print your own  by downloading to a computer

And,  send photos by email to  friends and enemies.



                   This chatter wont necessarily improve the content of your videos, but could make them   look  sharper and clearer.


DVD burning   -  cheapest via PC or Apple appliance


DVD burning via standalone DVD burners  - relatively expensive compared to PC burners, but requiring little computer  know-how  -  $400 to $ 1300 .


DVD burning via  burners incorporated within video editors, a la Casablanca  models   -  practically foolproof,  but tediously slow.


DVD players  - reliable models for NTSC, from trusted, well-known manufacturers, as low as $100, taxes inc.   Outputs,  composite (yellow cable),  S-VHS,  component (if your TV has component inputs)  and DV (if your TV has DV input) . 

     Definitely sharper than regular VHS  VCRs, both into VHS and S-VHS cables.


Compatibility of  a plethora of different standards.  Manageable if you play DVDs  from DVD blanks .

      Well, thats how Dave sees it !


Clear as mud ?


Viewing of Contest entries for  Assigned Subject  ( Signs )

See you in our theater


Your faithful scribe  -  Dave