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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 9 - Page 2

JUNE 2004



No smokers in our Club, so SIGs must mean "Special Interest Groups." Mike has munched away on this concept and delivered a luuuuucid mini-presentation on the subject. Mike, would you outline SIGs at the June Meeting ? The drift of Mikes notion .. encourage small groups of members to meet informally on their own as well as at Club meetings. But Mike will elaborate.


Margaret and Dave wound up at the Vancouver Clubs Meeting Hall in May . About 40 members present. The first part of the Show was given over to the Sony Reps. presentation of approx. 15 camcorder models. The Sony boys talked up each model and then passed it out for members to drool over, point, and handle.

Plenty of questions from the floor, all answered well and most with a touch of humor. A great, effective demonstration, indeed. But, many of us were appalled at the price of disks for Sonys newly-introduced models using not DV tape cassettes - but mini-DVD blanks. Image quality "nearly as good as DV" . Each mini-DVD-R blank whoa ! $13, that is for one hour of non-erasable material. $15 for the -RW version (erasable) . AND, the format is hostile towards editing !

I watched the men with coats, but the Sony boys had counted up their merchandise.

Margaret plugged the Victoria Convention and answered questions.

After coffee, the lucky, lucky, lucky Vancouver people viewed "Daves Show" . Margaret doled out the Blueberries and Len ate em ; A Quiet Place from 16mm , an award in the Ten Best for 1978-ish; a skit from Tasmania and The Easy Life , a tour through a wildlife refuge, complete with "gob-made" sound effects and "gob-made" tailored harmonica music. Strong performances by the animals, also !


On Daves invitation last Meeting, Alice has provided us with two "scenario" scripts. Thank you, Alice. I think they could both "work" for us, some day.

The first ones about a tramp being progressively ousted from his bench by shoppers needing a "sit" to kill off time. They succeed until the tables are turned "one by one" as the tramp reclaims his bench . "Decision From the Bench" , Alice ?


Tother storyboard , dialogue-dependent, an emotionally-sensitive story, would be a wonderful challenge for a Video Club production.

Of course, we know that not all us are gung-ho on making storyboards. Hey maybe, if members dont want to use up a whole meeting date on making videos, one of dem SIGs could do the trick . A thought.

Thank you, Alice.


Dave assembled your comments on Portsmouths compilation and emailed the summary off. Their Club contact to us appreciated our reactions and will show the DVD of our 2002-3 Banquet collage in the future. The contact stated that our idea of assembling our award-winners on one DVD was a great idea Portsmouth will be happy to continue the exchange.


Clubs we swap with invariably remark on the value of seeing the faces of our Members as an introduction to the compilation. Remember, the 2002-3dition featured the Sidney picnic and the 2003-4 one, the Victoria Harbor.

For the 2004-5 masterpiece, why not shoot some video at the Nanaimo lunch at the bistro ? Casual comments from members, a little "staged" perhaps, close-ups. Some short few-seconds-long "ham" acting at the table or during a walking tour, names of members "titled" in ? Hmmmmm ?


Please chew it over. We need a better meeting venue. If we dont want to eat into our "reserve", then lets up the fees. Lets face it, good folk, $10 extra year each, will cover the costs of increased rental and "incidental expenses". Eight meetings; $1.25 extra for each meeting. Gonna break anyone ? Dave puts out over $100 to attend each meeting.

Datzit for Page 2, June 2004


Your humble scribe