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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 64 No 1 - Page 2



Special Meeting - July 15th, 2004
Magaret’s Home .

Present: Mike, Alice, Chandra, Edna, Peter, Hugh, Margaret & Dave

Summary of Discussion:

Margaret convened this meeting of members to try working through several Club matters:

1. The new monthly Meeting venue - Margaret has "sealed" a "contact" with the church - $43 a month for eight meetings, 7:30 to 10PM,. We supply our own TV and VCR and "trolley". Margaret confirmed the understanding by letter. The church people have agreed to help us relocate our equipment . First meeting - Tuesday, October 5th, 2004.

2. Quorum for Executive - Margaret pondered on the notion that, if Edna & Dave couldn’t may not be able to make an Executive meeting through bad weather. Eleanor has agreed to be Treasurer and Alice will be Secretary.

3. Special Interest Groups (within the Club): Mike agreed to "chair" the group interested in learning camera technique and in editing with a PC. Five members present said they’d attend. Thank you, Mike.

4. Club "Shoot" - Alice read out the plot summary (with extensive detail) - The Bench . It’s to be shot in mime format - no audio problems. Alice and Margaret will scout out a good "bench/park" location we’ve set a date for the shoot - Tues. Sept 7th, 10:00AM . Acting talent has been secured. All members most welcome to participate.

5. Standalone DVD recorders - Discussion focused on the release of a newcomer model made in Taiwan… Price just over $300, inc. the usual inputs and outputs and a DV input . Burns DVD’s from any amateur video source.


1. SCCA membership. Our club will renew and individual membership renewals are also due. It seems from our scanty communications with the SCCA that few people in the West know exactly what's happening with the SCCA.


2. New members. Alice and Chandra. Other new members likely.

3. A guest presentation by Mr. Gilmore to our Club on October 5th . Margaret will try to arrange this.

4. Proposed "events" - possibilities - for inclusion in programs for Club Meetings, 2004-5. -

* Demonstration of a DVD burner
• Demonstration of a PC editing program
• An indoors "shoot"
• Contest videos
• Videos from "sister" clubs overseas
• Short videos from members –ones we haven’t seen before – content of general interest, not necessarily of contest caliber.
• Demo. of editing using "standalone" editor;
• videoing an informal unterview
• How to edit using "cutaways" and "cut-ins" or inserts Example: we shoot a simple sequence, however trivial, plus inserts, etc. and demonstrate how these enhance the production. Members try it out at home.
• Planning out a short "cameo" (under 4 mins. long) from an hour of raw vacation video

TEN BEST UPDATE: Roger has made the award certificates.

The September Show at Harbour Towers starts on the evening of Thursday with an exhibition of videos. Margaret outlined some of the Speakers’ topics, including one on "The Amateur and the Independent" video-maker . This is pertinent to us, as over recent years, "independents" have seemingly abandoned "amateur" clubs, much more so in North America than in overseas countries.

39 entries. Judging, at Dave’s place, played out flawlessly .

A vote of thanks again to Margaret for her generosity in making her home available, for the coffee and tea and for the delicious dessert - and for her untiring dedication "to getting things done."

Your scribe