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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 64 No 3 - Page 2



W-H-E-R-E A-R-E W-E G-O-I-N-G ?

It seems to me that we’ve recently been along this road . Now, again ?


All of us enjoying our hobby, respecting one another’s talents, encouraging one another and seeking to learn more about how to improve our skills. Among friends . Sharing and contributing . All old hat, I know.

Many of us with happy memories of our achievements in bygone days, and trying now to extract the most from being in a Videomaking Club . Good times together.

The ability to organize and plan and execute a Convention, 70% of Convention work done with a handful of our Club members. Mark Levy described this Convention as the “ most smoothly-run” one he’d ever attended. Victoria had its brand on it .

A comfortable Meeting venue.

Exchanges with other clubs overseas. And more .

BUT ….

Frustratingly decrepit, out-dated, temperamental Club equipment . I know : I’m in the front line . - A “fight” every night with it, and to add insult to injury, we’re looking at an image quality that’s not only obsolescent, but has become progressively “fuzzier.”


The DVD player we’re acquiring will be about the only piece of viewing equipment that can do justice to the potential image quality of DV and DVD formats that we use .

Let’s face reality. VHS never was much good from the day it became popular in the early 1980’s. A workhorse for mass consumption, but … it’s image quality was compromised from the beginning.

We’ve had Hi-8 and S-VHS for 14 years, with its image quality twice that of VHS. Now, we have DV, DVD and Component - better again ! I ask you - how far out -of -date is our Club equipment ? And how good can a TV monitor from the 1990’s be? Technology “moves on”.

Since we’re a Video C-l---u--- b, think how nice it would be to view our showings on up-to-date equipment . Our members are a discriminating segment of viewers and so we value superior performance from a TV monitor .

Should we put up with the “junque” we have, should we wait another 10 years till many of us won’t be fit enough to attend meetings - “moved on” - or dead - but the Club will still have $700 in the bank ?

In reality, we haven’t “gone backwards” financially so far this year. In fact, thanks to “that handful of Club members”, over $300 has been added to the Club account.




1. Trade in our TV dinosaur for a 28 “ flat screen with S and component inputs. The old soldier has done his duty.

2. In he future , maybe in 2005, buy a small “lockable” cabinet, at a used-furniture store about three or four feet high, with shelves - to store our VCR and DVD player.

4 . Further, to help fund the above purchases, I propose asking each member i.e., per family, to contribute a one-time $25 special levy. A mere $25 . This is like, for example, doing without any ONE of the following:

A half a tank of gas; or a one-way bus trip to Vancouver ; or one night at a modest restaurant; or a half-dozen magazines; or a few overseas phone-calls or a half a night’s motel accommodation in a TWO-star motel; or a few drinks on board a cruise …. You can name more .


I sense that our members come out each meeting primarily to “Do and View and Learn” as well as chatting and sharing insights . “Having a pleasant evening!"


Stan will bring it to November’s Meeting. Thanks, Stan.


Part of OUR November Meeting could be dedicated to showing some of , or all of the Sydney Club’s DVD compilation to us. (By the way, the image quality, via S to a flat-screen TV looks fantastic !)

Sydney Club boasts of 110 members. This Club will hold its 2004 exhibition, as follows , ( from my correspondent in Sydney…..) … “our gala night for the 2004 VOTY will be held in Film Australia’s Roxy theatre, November 26th….. champers and nibbles in the foyer …. Logies on display, to be awarded to winners . …. 150 tickets sold to date….” “ … your welcome Victoria DVD arrived, I’ve previewed it and thoroughly enjoyed it ! Great work by your members and you obviously have an enthusiastic membership… We’ll show your compilation in the new year. “

Folks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the excellence of production skills and the variety of genres in Sydney’s show for us. Would you kindly come ready to fill out the comments sheet for me to collate and email to them, in our usual way ?

Suggestion for a 2005 program segment:

Taking Video on Vacation. (Walt Gilmore’s plan .) So that, when you get back home, you’ll be able to produce several shorter movies with integrated themes and not end up with “raw home movies stuff “ that’s difficult to edit into a movie suitable for a Contest entry or even for a general audience For now, how about memorizing Walt’s acronym WALLDO ?

Humble Scribe - Dave “Frank” Fuller