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Victoria Video Club

Contest Rules

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The club encourages members to enter their productions into contests. Members who experiment with movie-making within the context of a contest's goals (e.g. one-minute contest) will find that friendly competition helps to raise the artistic and technical merits of their productions. Our contest rules are intended to provide a 'level-playing field' so that no one person or group has an unfair advantage. Good luck, and have fun making movies.
There are five contests each year, running from April to January. The "First Place" winner of each contest, with the exception of the "Anything Goes" contest, are re-judged for the "Best Production of the Year."

Club Contest Schedule






Assigned Subject

One Minute

Anything Goes

Ten Minute

Annual Contest

Best Production of the Year



1.   All productions must have been made solely for fun and pleasure, for artistic expression or to make a statement about society with no profit motive in mind, have not been subject of any sales or rental agreement prior to entry nor expect to be after the Contest. No person working on any aspect of the production may be paid for their services nor may the production be sponsored by any commercial organization. Movies made as a part of a course of study leading to a degree in video/film production are not eligible.

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2.   To be eligible to enter a club competition, an entrant must have attended at least two general meetings as a member in good standing in the past year. The meeting a person pays their dues at and the evening of the competition can both count towards the two meeting minimum.


3.   Each contest entry must be a production of the entrant(s). A production may be made by an individual, or by a group. If by a group, the roles of writer*, producer**, director***, and editor**** are "key" to the production, and must all be members of the Victoria Video Club. Credit for a group production will go to the people fulfilling these "key" roles (i.e. they are considered co-entrants) when the movie is submitted for any club contest, unless the group indicates, in writing, otherwise.

* The term "Writer" is used here to mean the person(s) involved in the revision does not have to be a club member.

** "Producer" refers to the person who schedules and coordinates the production.

*** "Director" refers to the person who leads the video crew in creating the movie.

**** "Editor" refers to the person who edits the footage according to the script/screenplay/director's instructions.

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4.   A production may include nonmembers, who participate as actors, narrators, or other technical roles (e.g. camera operator, lighting, audio, make-up, etc.) if they offer their services free of charge.


5.   All footage used in a production must be an entrants’ original, or shot under the direction of an entrant for the production. With the exception of the “Anything Goes” contest, video recorded from broadcast television or copied from commercial film or video libraries is not permitted. Video editing can be performed on any type of equipment, and computer generated titles and transitions/special effects in editing are permitted.


6.   The use of buy-out and royalty free music and audio effects is encouraged but is not mandatory. The club assumes no responsibility for any copyright infringement of music or effects.

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7.   All entries must be submitted on DVD disc or VHS video tape (recorded in SP mode) in NTSC. Each entry must be submitted on a separate DVD/tape, except for the One Minute Contest, in which case two or more entries may be put on one DVD/tape.


8.   A separate entry form must be completed for each entry. The production's title, running time (in minutes and seconds) and the entrant’s name must be legibly marked on the face of the DVD/tape and also on the entry form. In the case of VHS tape, it must also be indicated whether the sound is in Stereo or Mono. The entrant is responsible to test that his/her DVD will play in a standard player.


9.   There are no minimum time restrictions on the lengths of videos, but entries must not exceed the running time limits which have been set for the various contests. Any entries that exceed stated time limits will be disqualified.

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10.  There is no limit to the number of videos a member is permitted to enter in any of our club contests.


11.  A video may be entered in a specific contest (e.g. Ten Minute Contest) once only, re-edited or not (unless it was previously disqualified). A video which has placed First in any club contest may not be entered in another club contest, except for Best Production of the Year.


12.  Certificates will be given to First, Second, and Third Place winners of each contest. Honorable Mention winners will also receive certificates but Honorable Mention will not necessarily be awarded in every contest.

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Videos must be submitted by the April meeting. The subject will be chosen by the executive of the club and announced no later than the previous October meeting. Entries may be up to four (4) minutes in length including titles and credits. Entries should adhere closely to the chosen topic.
Videos must be submitted by the May meeting. Entries may be on any subject and may be up to one (1) minute in length; including titles and credits. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted. In this contest only, more than one entry may be placed on a DVD disc or video cassette.

Videos must be submitted by the October meeting. In this contest only, none of the footage needs to be shot by a club member. Footage generated on a computer, video recorded from broadcast TV or copied from film/video/cdrom libraries, or any other source is permitted. However, the production must be edited by the entrant. Entries may be on any topic but must be no longer than ten (10) minutes in length, including all titles and credits. Videos entered in this contest are not eligible for any other club contest, including the Best Video of The Year Contest.

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Videos are to be submitted by the November meeting. Entries may be on any subject and up to ten (10) minutes in length, including titles and credits. Productions previously entered in the Assigned Subject may, after editing, be entered in this contest, if they did not place First in the other contest.
Videos must be submitted by the January meeting. They may be on any subject and up to fifteen (15) minutes in length, including titles and credits. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted.
Videos previously entered in the Assigned Subject, the One Minute, and the Ten Minute Contests may be entered in the Annual Contest, re-edited or not provided they did not win a First Place.
Videos may be entered only once in the Annual Contest.
There are three classes in the Annual Contest:
(a) The Novice Class:
Open to any member who has never won First Place in the Novice Class
Open to any member who has previously won First Place in the Novice Class but with a score of less than 60%
(b) The Intermediate Class:
Open to any member who has never won First Place in the Intermediate Class

(c) The Open Class:

Open to all members

The winner of each of these classes will be judged for the Best Production of the Year.

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Videos must be submitted by the January meeting. The First Place winners of the Assigned Subject Contest, the One-Minute Contest, the Ten Minute Contest, and the Novice, Intermediate and Open Classes of the Annual Contest will be re-judged in February for the Best Production of the Year, provided no changes have been made to them after they won the other contests.


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