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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 64 No 6 - Page 2

MARCH 2005


Annual  Banquet & Awards Presentations


Our Club should be proud of the Event.  We pulled together, enjoyed a good turn out of guests who formed a splendid audience for us.   An hour-long show—just right, with a wide variety of genres and talents. Remember, we can make all the beautiful gems we wish, but all of us need an “audience.”


“Contests  Time”  Approacheth :





Dave is Chair for the Ten Best again. He’ll accept any help form Victoria Club members; our Club may bank any surplus (Income over Expenditure).  Let’s enter as many movie titles as we can to support the Ten Best — two entries each member allowed.




Spring is here and you’ll notice a whole raft of activities and event advertised around Victoria and its  “burbs”.  Gird up thy loins, camera an ‘pod’ in hand, cast around for a like “spirit” with a second camera, and look over your potential next movie subject.

Sometimes, you’ll have to attend the event twice  -  once to get  a “feel” for potential shots and how you’ll treat the subject .  Time and money well spent !

Figure out  an  “approach”, how you’ll present  an integrated idea or theme.   Making movies with “people in ‘em”  will give you an edge over a “tourist”  approach.   Get in close, hand-held if you have to;  try out a few tracking and trucking shots, focusing on a group of people;  make sure you begin each shot  with 5 or 6 secs. “static” before you move the camera or  before you pan;  and hold the “static” ending of the shot for 10 secs. (Room for inserts) .  Take a stack of “cutaways” and “cut-ins”  (advantage of a second camera !)

Try letting the video action speak for itself with a minimum of intrusion from a voice-over.


Well, that’s my five cents’ worth.


Your humble scribe,



Video Project Ideas


What story can you tell? Read over the following and see if any inspiration hits:


Biographiesis there someone in your community, or your family that you feel has an interesting life story to tell? Maybe there is one particular aspect of a person's life that would be interesting to explore. This human interest type of  documentary video can inspire and educate others.


Community Historyinstead of someone, perhaps there is 'something' that you could video to tell a community story. A particular home, building, church, or statue that has an interesting story to tell. Community events, be they parades or sports events, could also be a starting point for a story to tell. Check out a local historical society for information, photos and other resources. If history doesn't grab you, maybe there is something that will be changing, or coming in the future that you could talk about.


Advocacy for Social IssuesFocus on a social issue that is impacting your community's schools, lifestyle, or environment and bring it to life in a video. You could take a strong opinionated stance or try and maintain a neutral or objective view, showing both sides of the issue.


Career Profileis there a unique job that is performed in your community such as a town crier. This "on the job" type of video is interesting as it can show what goes on behind the scenes.


DocumentaryDocumentaries are usually about People, Places, and Things. Perhaps you have a favourite subject that you are very knowledgeable about, or you know someone who is a subject matter expert about some topic. Documentaries present the facts about their subject. Find a way to weave a story in with the facts and you'll have a winner.


"How To" VideoMargaret did this with her Christmas Card houses video. The "How To" is a training video that usually shows step-by-step procedures for how to make something or how to improve a skill (bread making anyone?). This demonstration video helps people to learn something new, and is easy to share.


Introduction or OrientationLike the club did for last year's festival, with the "Welcome to Victoria" video, an introductory-type project is usually created to present general issues to new members of a group or visitors to a community or operation. So a "Tour" of a community, or a "What our Group is All About" are projects of value.




Adapted from "Digital Video Project Ideas"