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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 63 No 1

DATE      Tuesday, September 30, 2003

PLACE     St. George's Church Hall, 3909 St. George's Lane

TIME       7:30 P.M.


  • The videos that were entered in the One Minute Contest will be shown.
  • Michael will give us a demonstration of his "Windjammer" made by Rycote. It is an attachment that he fixes on his camcorder microphone to kill annoying wind sound. [Available in Canada through Katamount Enterprises Inc.]
  • There will be a discussion regarding our club's plans for the coming year.

OUR NEXT EXECUTIVE MEETING will be held on Tuesday, September 30, at 6:30 p.m. at St. George's Church Hall, prior to the general meeting.

OUR 2002-2003 EXECUTIVE is as follows:

President           Margaret Chamberlain

Past President   Glen Downey

Vice-President   David Fuller

Secretary           Eleanor Haire

Treasurer           Hugh Fraser


            Directors            Edna Breckenridge

               Sheila Perkins

               Len Thomas



Program Chairperson           David Fuller

Contest Chairperson             Jean Rawlings

Bulletin Editor                        Sheila Perkins

Refreshments                       Donna Downey

OUR CLUB DUES for the coming season are now due. These are $30 per individual membership, $35 same address family and $10 non-attending associate member.

THE 'SONG TITLE' CONTEST deadline is the October 28 meeting. In this contest, you are to produce a video based on the words of a song of your choice. Your entries may be up to 6 minutes long.


1st "A Woodland Garden"       by Eleanor Haire             Video Tape Winner and Certificate

 2nd "Growing"                           Margaret Chamberlain      2nd Place Certificate

3rd "Kids and Other Pets"       Eleanor Haire             3rd Place Certificate

"Let's Play"                      Edna Breckenridge

"Flower Power"               Margaret Chamberlain

"Just For Fun"                 Eleanor Haire

"Lunch Time"                  Edna Breckenridge

Bring a friend along to the meeting. Visitors are always welcome.