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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 65 No 1 - Page 2



Welcome back, tout la monde! I hope that everyone had a great summer, and that everyone is looking forward to another entertaining and productive 'club-year'.
Looking back (financially) 2004-05 ended in the black. Remember, in finance that is a good thing! The club showed a decent profit of $137.98 at year-end. Compare that to the small profit in 2003/04 of $10.56. Why the jump? Well the jump in funds is due to the revenue from the Video Convention in Oct. 2004. Thank you Margaret and Dave! That revenue also gave us the funds that enabled the club to purchase its first 'new' equipment (the DVD player) since 1997.
However, organizing a convention, or a video contest (e.g. Ten Best of the West) is a lot of work. It’s a 'big' job. And it also carries some risk of loss. As Treasurer, this year, I will be asking everyone, not just the executive, for 'smaller' ideas on:
  • Fundraising, and
  • Cost control.

We need to look for opportunities to raise funds---outside of our annual dues and 50/50 draw. And at the same time, it behooves us all to consider ways that we can trim costs and spend wisely. This topic will be kicked off at the October Executive meeting, but you don't have to wait for input. Talk to me, or your favorite Executive member, anytime and pass along your idea or suggestion. And there are no 'stupid' suggestions. You'd be surprised how often a 'wild' idea can spark something that is practical and easy to implement.

The September meeting will continue to introduce some changes to the meeting format, as well as continue with what has worked well in the past. We're seeking a balance between presentations, discussion, and viewing movies.


We are fortunate to live in a city that holds so many film industry, independent film, and other non-commercial (or 'amateur') producers like ourselves. We will continue to seek out guest speakers that can educate and entertain club members---while at the same time look to club members to find ways to share their knowledge and skills.


Member-made presentations don't need to be thirty-minute long talks. Sometimes the best "tips and tricks" are quickly illustrated with a snippet of video and communicated with just a few well-chosen words. Look into your kitbag of skills and knowledge and see if there is a gem or two that you can pull out, and polish for other club members to enjoy and learn from.


"I'm too shy…" is no excuse. You're among friends, and those in the audience are just as concerned that you are comfortable as they are interested to learn from your experiences. Come up with an idea. Bounce the idea off another club member, Dave, or I---maybe we can help you polish.



Complaints in the past have included "We don't do anything but watch movies," and "I don't want to work on a club production". Others have said "we never discuss our productions, or the problems we're facing."

There is an element of truth in all those sentiments. But you know as well as I that in addition to pointing out what isn't working we also need to celebrate what we are enjoying about the club…and looking for ways for each one of us to make some sort of contribution.

That big rock of "Nothing New/Nothing fun" is a lot easier to move with each extra pair of hands that reaches in and gives a shove. When was the last time you shoved it..?? <Cough>, well, anyway, you know what I mean.

See you at the September meeting and lets get ready to have a really fun year. Bring your camcorder & accessories to the September meeting for the "What's in the Bag" activity...


Sincerely, Michael "the Tres."