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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 65 No 2 - Page 2



What’s Happened and a View to What’s Coming up.

Meeting - September, 2005

With several new members present, our 2005-6 year opened with our group seated in a neat “horse-shoe” assembly, led by Eleanor Haire, our President. A heap of “business stuff’ was efficiently dispatched, including “old Business” and topics under “new business”.

Yes to a Xmas Party

Yes to a Banquet celebration and exhibition of the award-winning club videos in March, 2006.. Planning afoot for both events.

Our Treasurer kept himself busy as a “man of many talents”, outlining our financial picture, collecting dues, firing out receipts and membership cards to us, offering samples of Club “business cards”.

Congrats, Mike, on producing professional-looking cards. Real nice !

Dave’s Chairing TEN BEST OF THE WEST 2005 netted the club over $100 revenue - 34 entries. Dave was asked to produce DVD’s of the Ten Best Awards, along with AMMA’ 2005 Awards and AMMA’s Magic Moments. And the show of winners from all Contests was screened on board the Convention cruise to Alaska in September.

In August, Dave “ran” a Club workshop on editing with Macro’s Prestige. In his home, Dave set up three monitors, while he asked for members’ input on “selecting”, “trimming” “placement”, “trimming”, “pacing”, and “titling”, etc. At the September Meeting, we all viewed the grand three-minutes long final production. “Herring Harvest.”

Mila received her award for her Ten Best entry.

Our Club is working with the pastor of the church where we meet, for us to produce a video, featuring a performance by the church.

Sheila and Eleanor rounded up a whole raft of Club award-winners from 1982 to 2001 - about five winebottle cartons full - alas, no wine - and Dave boiled them all down to about 12 DVD’s. Digitizing VHS (and some very ancient ones!) provided its own set of challenges! “Dropout signals”, “flat contrast”, frequent loss of sync., and “muffled trebles” and linear


on the tracks. It’s done. DVD’s for those nostalgic souls in the Club will soon be ready.

Innovation - we’ve begun a new contest called “Anything Goes”. Doesn’t have to be recorded by the entrant . Due next October, along with the customary “Song Contest” .

One of the big features of the September Meeting was a “Bag night” Michael Veronneau organized and ran the show until the closing bell for the evening sounded. Out of the bags of members at the meeting rolled the most amazing “gadgets and gizmos” along with some of the most obvious aids, such as a road map - mighty handy when you’re lost !

One of the features of the forthcoming meetings will a viewing of entries to the 2005 Ten Best, AMMA 2005, Magic Moments 2005, several compilations from Sydney, Australia and Portsmouth, England..

Not only entertaining material to be viewed, but we are able to see “ideas and approaches” and “technical inspirations” produced by video makers who share our passion .


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Margaret and I met with Mark Green, a minister at the church, early in October. We had a very productive exchange, and Mark has an exciting proposal for the club.

His vision is to tell a Christmas story, by matching the narrative of Luke 2:1-20 (the Birth of Jesus, and the Shepherds and the Angels-text from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible) with footage of some children and adults re-creating the nativity scene. The actors would be in costume, and we would need to locate a farm, with sheep, and a stable or manger, preferably with hilly terrain, where we can film the production. There are no plans for dialog, just the narration. Mark and another church parishioner would also be providing (performing) the background music.

Mark is tentatively scheduling this to occur on Sunday November 13th, in the afternoon. The final movie will be on DVD with an audience of about 500 viewing it in December. What do you think—sound interesting?