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Bulletin Vol 65 No 3 - Page 2



Vancouver Club Visit:

While visiting family, a few weeks ago, I took in the Vancouver Club October Meeting. A great night, ‘twas !

With about 40 members present, the first half of the “Show” was a screening of One Minute entries made by members…Commendable variety of subject matter. Judging by audience .

Then, a terrific presentation from a guest speaker on the subject of his several decades’ work in producing feature-length movies in Vancouver. Without the faintest wisp of grants, nor founts of money from philanthropists, our guest Larry, scratched around for “left-over” lengths of B/W 16mm neg. film, persuaded actors from UBC Drama Department to take parts, and cajoled film labs into making work-prints and then release prints.

You talk about shoestring budgets. During his “talk” to us, he created colorful verbal imagery, describing how eventually he crashed the “independent film-makers’ “ circuit, securing rave reviews from Montreal and Toronto Film Festivals and favorable critics’ reviews from The New York Times, for example.

“What about the NFB and CBC ? Any help ? “

“National Film Board ? I worked with them for five months. Stuck in “documentary-mode”. Stagnant. I had to get out of there ! CBC ? Even in the 1980’s CBC was a dinosaur. In a time-warped mentality . Out of touch.”

“Yeah! Sell CBC and save a billion dollars a year. in subsidies .”

Larry showed us a few 5-minutes long clips from his B/W feature films. Never paternal in his “chat” with us, he sprinkled doses of wit as he responded to the many questions from Club members.

“Larry, your crew. Holding them together ?”

“Folks, remember: you need one another. Do favors here and there and you’ll get ‘em back. Only one director, but still you’ll depend on your crew members and on people from outside your crew .”

Almost at the end of his delivery to us, a member asked Larry, “Can you recommend a good book on movie-making ?”

“No. Forget the books and put a team together and go out and make movies !”



“Cheque’n Out”, and award-winning “narrative” movie in the Ten Best of the West 2005 Contest, was made by a Vancouver Club “Workshop Team!”

Your humble scribe                                       

Page 2.5

Ok, so is that why no one had an item for the recommended reading list?? Everyone believes in the "…put a team together and go…" approach? I guess I can adjust. Here is another quote:

Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all.
Stanley Kubrick

Well, ok Stan, but I still think that a good book can save you some time, reducing the "trial and error" approach to "trial and less errors." Especially if you can't afford film school! But I also agree with Dave, who has been consistent in his refrain that we need to "do things" to learn (and occasionally have fun!)

Lately, Dave and I have been intrigued by the idea of using a video-based learning tool that purports to teach "Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques." This disk set is produced by Elite Video (, and subtitled "black-belt videography." The two DVD set has over 100 chapters (running for approx 80 minutes per disk), and covers a huge range of camera techniques.

The executive got a preview of the first 20 minutes of these training DVDs at the end of the last exec. meeting----and it led to some good discussions, comments and observations. Stay tuned for more on this…maybe a workshop or two?

The church production will be filming on Sunday November 13th. We wrapped up our site visits, and have had a few planning sessions---the key deliverable being a storyboard for the movie. We have recorded our narrator, and are just gathering the final props (and courage) for the shoot on Sunday. Thanks go out to Margaret, Mila, Don and Ray for forming the "team". Wish us luck, and good weather..!

Wondering how you can get involved? Well, our current plan is to bring the footage back to the club and canvas members to see who would like to take a shot at editing. Give it some thought…