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Victoria Video Club

TideLines Article

From the Cadboro Bay United Church Newsletter for January 2006

THE BIRTH OF JESUS: a DVD Presentation
The Christmas Story Video was a huge success. The 4 pm service Christmas eve was full with about 140 people (40 of those being quite little).

The energy and excitement in the room was electric and the noise was joyful but constant. Until.....the movie began. You could have heard a pin drop for the next 5 minutes as the story of Jesus' birth unfolded before their eyes. Those who were in it, watched anxiously to see themselves and watch the magic editing had created. Others were transfixed by the children and their gift to the congregation through the images. The response at the other services was also positive. At each service the frequent request was "Can we purchase a
copy?" Well....yes you can. DVD copies will be available during coffee hour and through the church office during the week. The cost is $10 and the DVD includes the feature presentation, out-takes put to music and behind-the-scenes footage as well. A preview may be viewed online on our webpage at A big thank you to Margaret Chamberlain, Don Jenson and Michael Veronneau from the Victoria Video Club for their dedication and skill bringing the idea to life.