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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 65 No 5 - Page 2



As a very young boy, I recall my mum making soap by rendering, Depression years. - Wonder if her product with its “dash” of caustic soda would “clean up” my PC’s “attitude”?

I read in a recent issue of The Economist how Shrek I was a product of ingenious application of complex computer animation involving parameters such as color, luminance, texture, 3D point-of-view angles, body movements, detailed  background movements, plus several audio tracks. After the movie had been finished to the “Preview” stage, it took ONE YEAR to complete the rendering !

In an article spread over three issues of Film & Video Magazine (out of England), a guy, purely amateur status described what it took to produce a five minutes long animated movie called 225. Using his spare time, after his day job, after supper …. ONE Year. 225, we’ll view on the AMPS 2005 compilation. Stunning - both visual and audio.


For us amateurs, compiling attractive audio tracks is not only the wave of the future but of the present. ALL of the many award-winners I’ve had the pleasure and honor of viewing from the 2004-5 year, have been distinguished by their use of “tailored” (often “original”) music support.

Those among our membership who run PC’s or Apples with multi-audio tracks, and who have some basic knowledge of music…go for it.

Interesting how the Aussies had in the past few years joined forces and negotiated the right to use copyrighted music from any Aussie source, only for use in OZ, for a flat club fee, plus a fee payable by individual users.

For 2006, the Guilds trebled the fees and the Aussie clubs balked! Think of their alternate situation.. each individual member can pay for “buy-out” music and effects…or…roll their own! Maybe a blessing in disguise for them, and a pointer for us over here.

My experience with a “standalone” editor? Buy-out music and effects plus some bird-calls of my own and a few faked bird-flapping sounds of an eagle, wings in slo-mo. (foof, foof, foofs from my mouth, synced). Plus 1-second long crossfades of music, plus the ambient track, plus commentary. Fades and level adjustments. “Things With Wings”

Our Club Shoot for the Church:

Congrats. to all those who contributed physically and otherwise. A proud moment of achievement. What a team! The outtakes demonstrated how much planning and good directing it took to pull off such an effective shoot.


2006 Annual Convention and Festival - AMPS, AMMA, and TBW.

The joint convention for the American Motion Picture Society (AMPS), Amateur Movie Makers of America (AMMA) and the Ten Best of the West (TBW) is scheduled for Tuesday October 10th through Friday October 13th. It will be held at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas ( For more information and a registration form check out the AMMA website at

Flight cost to Las Vegas is decent and room cost ($60/ night) is pretty reasonable also. Maybe we should send down a Victoria Video Club delegation? Margaret and Mila seem interested in this jaunt. If we can get a few more then "Viva VVC in Las Vegas!"

Next Club Production

At the last executive meeting there was some discussion of "…the next club production." Not that there were any concrete proposals or ideas—the tone was more of a "…what is our next step?"

Why don't we talk about this at our March meeting? After that I'd like to formalize the process a bit…nothing too complicated, but I was thinking of a workshop where interested folks could drop in and we could start kicking some ideas around. If you have an idea for a neat project this would be a great time to come and pitch it to the group. Or perhaps someone has a script tucked away–you could dust it off and bring it to a workshop.

Preparation is always the key to success—so why not set a personal goal to get out there and find a short script, or a good joke, or even a poem that could inspire us to 'turn it into a movie.' Each item or idea that you bring is like a spark–equally bright–that could get the wood burning…! So get out there and get some sparks!