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Books for Beginners

A to Z Guide to Film Terms 4th edition
If you're a new filmmaker or simply an interested movie buff, the variety and obscurity of terminology can be difficult to follow at first. From knowing your gaffers from your grips through to knowing why a digital intermediate might be necessary for your film, having a full grasp of industry lingo is essential. Although there are various guides floating around the place, Tim Moshansky's aptly named A to Z Guide to Film Terms stands tall above these, both for its comprehensiveness and for the fact it is more than just a dictionary. It has numerous real life examples, written from a true insider’s perspective. And its pocket-friendly size means that new and not-so-new filmmakers can keep it handy for a sneak peek on set when the need arises. Now in its 4th edition, the A to Z Guide to Film Terms is a must own book for any serious filmmaker." 2008

Tim Moshansky
ISBN 978-0-9680702-3-9
128 pages


Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video 2nd Rev edition

Unlike many training books The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video does not attempt to suggest what camera you should buy, nor does it tell you how to shoot Aunt Alice’s 80th birthday party. This book, in its 89 pages, is a beautiful example of a subject that has been pared down to the essential information needed to learn it—and the subject is how to operate your video camera to get the best images you can.

The book’s table of contents lists eight sections:

       Basics (such as camera functions, lenses, depth of field)


       Basic Sequence

       Screen Direction

       Camera Moves



       Doing It (how to plan for a shoot)


Each section is covered concisely, and there are over 200 simple, but effective, black and white line art illustrations to accompany the topic being discussed.  This book costs about one-third the price of other beginner-oriented books, and is perfect for the person who wants to concentrate on improving their video camera operating skills.


I couldn’t locate a copy through the book stores in town; one even told me that they can’t obtain ‘self-published’ books. So I fired off an e-mail to Tom and quickly received a response identifying several vendors in my area (universities, film schools, and film industry sources).


Tom maintains a website ( for this book, with some camera training assignments, a few quizzes, and a few checklists available to download. Check it out..!



p.s. an interesting interview with the author:
Tom Schroeppel
June 1982
ISBN 978-0960371815
89 pages


Club Member
Digital Video for Beginners: A step-by-step guide to making great home movies
Digital video cameras have become more affordable and reliable than ever, and with the help of former television producer, editor, and cameraman Colin Barret, new owners of this hot technology can produce a memorable video right at home. Barret offers the fruits of his expertise in a thorough, practical introduction that covers it all. In addition to advice on choosing a camcorder and tips on getting the most out of its features, illustrated tutorials explain how to shoot creatively and master techniques such as point-of-view, close-ups, cutaway shots, and effective lighting. Spice up the sound by incorporating audio tracks, and find out how to create special effects. There's even a detailed description of how to set up a fully functional home editing suite.
Colin Barrett
March 2005
Lark Books/Sterling publishing
ISBN 1-57990-668-0
144 pages


Club Member
Digital Video Essentials: Shoot, Transfer, Edit, Share
The perfect companion for your digital camera. Digital video brings the power of studio production to the personal computer. With just a video camera, a computer, and the proper software, you can create your own polished movies for personal or business use. Digital Video Essentials shows you how to take advantage of today's technology to get the results you want. In this book, you'll learn to shoot your footage effectively, transfer it to your computer, use editing software to build and enhance your material, and export your movies to VHS tape, DVDs, the Internet, and more.
Erica Sadun


ISBN 0-7821-4198-6

252 Pages
Digital Video Handbook
From graduations to weddings, transform your video making with this practical, easy-to-use and inspirational handbook. Up-to-date and comprehensive advice from expert Tom Ang plus fully illustrated explanations will ensure the best results, every time. Shows how to create impressive effects, and master the editing and post-production processes.
Tom Ang
April 2005

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

ISBN 978-1405306362

272 Pages
Digital Video Pocket Guide
The Digital Video Pocket Guide is concise, easy to use, and is overflowing with the techniques you'll need to know to create great movies. This book is organized, like the popular Digital Photography Pocket Guide, into three chapters: "What Is It?", "How Does It Work?", and "How Do I...Tips, Tricks, and Techniques". Its compact size, organization, and detailed illustrations make it easy to find the information you need. In the first chapter, "What Is It?", you're introduced to the ins and outs of your DV camcorder. Author Derrick Story builds the solid foundation that helps you better understand the camera you have now, and will prove invaluable when shopping for your next camcorder. For instance, what is a tally lamp, and do you need one? What is the difference between the optical and digital zoom? Should you spend the extra money for a 3-CCD chip? Chapter two puts the tools in action. It maps out, step by step, a sure-fire approach to successful movie making -- including home videos, tutorials, and even short features. This chapter takes the worry out of organizing and lets you focus on creativity. Next, you'll accelerate your prowess by learning the rock-solid techniques of video experts. Among the tips and tricks featured in chapter three are how the pros shoot action video, arrange lighting for an interview, and capture clean audio. Finally, the Appendix is packed with well-organized tables and charts on a myriad of topics and includes: a color temperature chart, a guide to color correction gels, a table of everyday lux ratings, a handy cable connector guide, a reference for microphone patterns, and much, much, more. Completely indexed, beautifully illustrated in color, and more compact than those bulky books that never make if off your bedside nightstand, the Digital Video Pocket Guide is the ultimate shooting companion that will help your create the videos you want to show to friends, family, or even the world at large.
Derrick Story
July 2003

O'Reilly Press

ISBN 0-596-00523-7

125 Pages
DV 101: A Hands-On Guide for Business, Government, and Educators.

Corporations, government offices, and academic institutions have long used video to educate and inform. The only thing that's changed is the people who are producing them: With low-priced equipment and easy-to-use software flooding the market, now you're the person behind the camera, not some high-priced video specialist! This is the guide for you, then-and all of the other nonprofessionals who've been called upon to produce top-quality videos. Long on essentials-like where to place the camera, how to connect microphones, and which font to use in titles-and short on theory, this guide focuses instead on the simple steps and best practices needed to produce great videos. Veteran author Jan Ozer gives you the lowdown on shooting, audio, and lighting before describing the workflow and procedures involved in converting raw DV footage to streaming video and DVDs, and distributing the final product. For software-specific guidance, you can purchase downloadable PDF workbooks that use the book's projects to walk you through the production process.

Jan Ozer


Peachpit Press

ISBN 0-321-34897-4

244 pages

Faster Smarter Digital Video: Take charge of digital video technologies
"Faster Smarter Digital Video" shows you how to produce high-quality digital video -- faster, smarter, and easier! You get practical, concise guidance for choosing a digital camcorder; capturing better video; editing footage and audio; adding professional effects; using the digital media capabilities in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system; and delivering your final production live, canned, or over the Web. "Faster Smarter Digital Video" delivers accurate, how-to information that's easy to absorb and apply. The language is friendly and down-to-earth, with no jargon or silly chatter. Use the concise explanations, easy numbered steps, and visual examples that help you swing into action -- and get the job done!
Jason R. Dunn


Microsoft Press

ISBN 0-7356-1873-9

325 pages

Home Video Director's Handbook
A comprehensive guide for any home video user on how to get the most out of the medium. Frame-by-frame images show exactly how to achieve the best results, including special effects that don't demand special equipment. Specific information on filming children, weddings and holidays is included.
Stuart Dollin

Sept 1992

Chancellor Press

ISBN  9781851521999

192 pages

Little Digital Video Book 2e, The

One of the more frustrating aspects of buying a new digital video camera for consumers is trying to discover not only how it works, but how to shoot good movies with it right away. For most of us, we just want to turn on the camera and go, without spending too much time sorting through dense jargon and video editing software manuals. Here to guide the troubled newcomer to the exciting world of digital video is The Little Digital Video Book, 2e.

This friendly, approachable guide will teach users the basics of shooting, organizing, and editing their own footage, with short examples so they can practice the techniques as they read through the book. This revised edition of the bestselling book on digital video is now in full color and completely updated for the modern beginning videographer. Users get a thorough grounding in the basics of digital video, but without all the jargon. Michael Rubin explains in under 200 pages all users need to know to get great shots, add sound, organize the footage, and use basic editing techniques. They will learn how to start and actually finish that video project they had in mind--in less than a day.

Table of Contents

 1. The Basics      
 2. Your Camera      
 3. Shooting Your Camera    
 4. Organizing Video      
 5. Getting Ready to Edit      
 6. Editing      
 7. Finishing Up      

Nonlinear Web Site - Co-created by Michael Rubin and Ron Diamond. Some downloads available, such as log sheet templates. Check it out.
Michael Rubin
Peachpit Press

ISBN 978-0-321-57262-2

244 pages


Club Member
Videomaker Guide to Digital Video and DVD Production: third edition

From the editors of Videomaker Magazine comes a guide that takes the novice, step-by-step, through the elements that create a quality video production. The Videomaker Guide provides information on all the latest tools and techniques available to help you shoot like the pros. The series of short sections covers what you need to know and is easy to dip into as a reference on a shoot.

The third edition is bursting with new material and has been updated to include topics like shooting, serving, encoding, streaming, editing tips, making streaming slide shows, MPEG, and DVD and CD authoring and burning.

Whether you're a novice videomaker or prosumer, learn to make better, more exciting video with the Videomaker Guide.



Focal Press

ISBN 0-240-80566-6

422 pages