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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 62 No 9 - Page 2

June 2003

"The Shoot": Your humble scribe hastens to thank you all for the many valuable contributions that made it possible for our Club to get Blueberries' in the can.' Too bad the clock ran out on us so that we didn't view the may test your patience ."rushes."
Special thanks to Margaret and Len Blueberry, to Stan sprocket, to Eleanor Properties, to Mike (Fingers) Locksmith and to the many assistant directors among the audience.
I'm sure that all of us must have been impressed with the contributions from those watching the table monitor, picking out "distractions", errors in continuity, creating alternative ways of taking shots, evaluating performances of our illustrious cast and cameraman, etc.
"The Editing" Mike, it was kind of you to offer to handle the making of "dubs' for those of us who wanted to take a swing at editing. Many thanks, dude!
Maybe -now, not meant to be a deadline cast in stone - at the June Meeting, maybe we could first view the "Rushes" and then the edits made "so far" The production length doesn't have to be restricted to under 60 seconds and, for the June Meeting, you don't have to have the music and all the transitions and effects plugged in. OK if you do get so far along, though.
As many of us know, (to our chagrin), we congratulate ourselves, just having completed the production, only later, in a couple of weeks time, to find we're "not so happy" with the pacing, the continuity, or the compression Dang! Now the music doesn't fit any more.
Remember, unless you prefer otherwise, please feel free to bring your edit along in June -ain't no contest rules, ain't no contest, neither. (Plenty of double negatives, though.) And feel free to make up your own title. Suggested Ender: Production: by Victoria Video Club, 2003. Editing: Edna Breckenridge. For example.

"It's a Frame-up"  You may have remembered the introductory titles I made for the My Favorite Town compilation (the eight entries) -Refresher, then. A picture frame, black center and titles within the "picture"- area. These were professionally-produced "frames' with some animated effects in 'em. Can't use these in amateur contests, of course.
But you can produce your own unanimated frames with any old picture frame, say, for an 8 x 10 photo. Place a piece of "dead-black" behind the frame (black velvet is ideal, construction paper is OK, too.) Make sure you adjust exposure so as to keep the black "dead-black" and the frame correctly exposed (manual exposure override) .
Avoiding parallax error and centering the frame precisely may test your patience.
For your next trick. Using this "frame", go over to work on your "blue-box' (chromakey/1umakey) on the editor. You'll need a scene that'll fit sweetly within the frame. If you're using this "eye-catcher" as an opening title for your production, select a scene with movement in it, one that'll lead in nicely to what follows in your movie. Make the "frame-scene" and the introductory scene the same length (say 10 to 12 secs). Now create the "blue-box" effect. Voila. An Edison moment! And "home-grown", not "borrowed" from a professional source.
Happy shooting over Summer. Enough to last you through an Island Winter.