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Victoria Video Club
Instructional VHS and DVDs

If you find that the training materials here don't cover your needs
(many can be rented from )

Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques: Black Belt Videography
Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques Vol. 1 & 2 reveals over 900 examples of the best camerawork, and how to do them. Over 100 chapters and 160 minutes of teaching that guarantees to improve your camerawork 50 percent or more or your money back.
You may think you are a good cameraperson now, but wait until you watch these videos. You will be shocked by how much you will learn that you are not doing now. Also includes a two-page shot list for you to carry with you to the job. These are the videos everyone is talking about!
Elite Video

160 minutes on two DVDs

Home Video Hits: Great ideas for creating better home videos (VHS)

Home Video Hits: Great Ideas for Producing Better Home Videos! is an entertaining video that shows you how to make better home videos using The Direct Approach, a unique step-by-step method that guarantees improvement in your home videos.


Tell fun and meaningful stories about your life --

  • Family gatherings Vacations
  • Holidays Sports
  • Children Pets

Use your camcorder properly for --

  • Creative storytelling
  • Effective panning and zooming
  • Dynamic camera angles
  • Good sound using on-camera or external microphones

Discover new ways to use your camcorder --

  • Creative expression Travel
  • Personal communication Self improvement
  • Documenting family history Party games
  • Household inventory Mini-movies

Home Video Hits: Great Ideas for Creating Better Home Videos! is produced by an award winning team of writers, producers, animators, camera operators, and editors. The videotape is accompanied by a handy reference booklet -- small enough to fit in any camera bag -- that outlines important tips for improving home videos.

Grayson Mattingly
54 minutes
ASIN 0965214001
How to Shoot Super Videos

Complete program on 4 DVDs will improve your video making skills. Start making videos that you'll be proud to show!


How To Shoot Super Videos is a complete course for making videos, presented in an easy to understand, entertaining format.  Whether you're just getting started in video, a serious enthusiast, or you produce videos for a living, you will benefit immensely from the professional instruction provided in this 4-DVD instructional series. When you apply the techniques shown in this program to your own video making, you'll get greater enjoyment from your camcorder.  With the proper skills, you can even profit from a full or part time video production business.


Wouldn't you really like to grab your audience's attention with exciting compositions, smooth camera moves, great lighting and crisp sound? Learn to tell a story with video using proven techniques for continuity.  Bring your messages to life with the magic of videotape editing. Dramatize your productions with music overdubbing, audio mixing and voiceovers.  Add professional looking titles and special effects. Incorporate still photos, slides and even old home movies in your videos.


It's all covered in How To Shoot Super Videos with superb, easy to follow instruction featuring hundreds of video clips and graphics. How to Shoot Super Videos is the most complete program for video enthusiasts ever produced, on four 75-minute DVDs with easy-to-navigate menus to find and review each topic covered. 

  • DVD #1 illustrates still photography concepts and how to compose shots. These basic principles will teach videographers how to shoot video like a pro. 
  • DVD #2 covers camera techniques, including panning, tilting, dollying, booming and zooming. Learning when and how to use these moves will help make anyone's video much more interesting to watch. This DVD includes a bonus section on how to transfer movie film, slides and photographs to video. 
  • DVD #3, entitled Continuity and Combining Shots, will help video enthusiasts make videos that tell a story. The result - no more boring videos. Both in-camera editing and shooting to edit techniques are illustrated. 
  • DVD #4 teaches practical techniques to improve video making with two very important modules, Lighting and Sound. The emphasis is on maximizing the end result with minimal expense on extra equipment.
ADITA Video Inc.
Calgary Alberta
323 minutes
Jumpstart Guide to Shooting and Producing Great Videos

The JumpStart Guide to Shooting and Producing Better Videos - This 60 minute DVD will help you shoot and produce great looking and sounding video.

• Chapter 1: A Tour of Digital Video Cameras
A look at the buttons, controls and the features of your camcorder and how to use them to take better video
• Chapter 2: Menus, Menus, Menus
Shows you some of the typical menu items you'll find on your video camera. Shows you how to use its buttons and settings and also shows you some software and accessories you might want to add to your video camera bag
• Chapter 3: White Balance and Exposure Settings
These two settings can make a great deal of difference to recording your memories. Shows you how to choose the right settings, and how to minimize mistakes
• Chapter 4: Shooting Tips Tools and Techniques
Talks about composition, frame rates, zooms, controlling the light, and shows you some affordable accessories you might want to consider when recording your next video
• Chapter 5: Audio or Sound Recording
Most people will agree that your audio is just as important in your video as your video. In this chapter it talks about taking control of your sound recording by using your on-board mic, and talks about some accessories you can use that will make a difference in the overall quality of your final video
• Chapter 6: Getting your footage into your computer
All the different types of cameras have different requirements to bring the footage into your home computer for editing. Shows you some of the methods used, and give you some suggestions for managing all that footage. Shows you how to assemble a basic video. Includes creating a simple title sequence, choosing shots for your video, adding music and sound, and more
Masterworks Video Production

60 minutes on one DVD

ISBN - n/a 
Shoot Great Video with your MiniDV Camcorder

Your new digital camcorder can capture memories that last a lifetime, but getting great results can be difficult. By understanding a few simple techniques, and the software already on your computer, you can make exceptional home movies that everyone will enjoy.

This DVD takes you through the steps necessary to shoot great video, tell a compelling story, and edit the results into something you will want to share with your fiends and family.

Within an hour, you will be thinking about video in a whole new way. Your videos will instantly improve, and you’ll have more fun than you’ve ever had with a camcorder.

Topics covered:

• Visual storytelling
• The art of being invisible
• Shooting techniques
• Why angles matter
• Camera features you must avoid
• White balance considerations

• Using manual controls
• Using audio to enhance your video

• DVD, Internet, Tape, and CD output
• From the camcorder to the computer
• Editing your footage the simple way
• Adding narration and music

• Using still photographs in your production
• Best practices – tape use and safety considerations
• Zoom with your feet

Cut weeks or months off your learning curve. We’ll show you how to make great videos without spending more money on expensive software or additional hardware. Get the results you want without going to film school!

Blue Crane Digital

70 minutes on one DVD

March 1, 2005
TechTV's Digital Video for the desktop (VHS)
TechTV's Digital Video for the Desktop provides instruction from TechTV experts on how to make and send movies from a PC. Michaela Pereira and Martin Sargent guide the viewer through choosing a digital camera, planning a shoot, and editing.
Further instruction includes computer requirements and editing tools, software and importing video, editing and adding effects, as well as how and what to output. Martin goes on location to shoot a demonstration video with a digital camcorder covering the TechTV softball team in action, and then uses this footage as the basis for creating the video on the PC.
Michaela Pereira and Martin Sargent provide the latest information and tips to help the viewer film more professionally, transfer video to a PC, edit using software packages (such as MGI Videowave and Pinnacle Studio) as well as ouput video to multiple formats.Viewers can pause the video to see written definitions and site addresses to ensure their understanding and further learning. Michaela Pereira and Martin Sargent guides the viewer through choosing a digital camera, planning a shoot, and editing. Further instruction will include computer requirements and editing tools, software and importing video, editing and adding effects, as well as how and what to output. Martin goes on location to shoot a demonstration video with a digital camcorder covering the TechTV softball team in action. He then uses this footage as the basis for creating the video on the PC. The primary focus of this video will be on editing and outputting.
Michaela Pereira has been a favorite on-air personality at TechTV since 1998. As the former co-host of Internet Tonight, Pereira surfed the wild world of the Web to bring viewers the Internets most useful, and most bizarre. As one of the current hosts on the Tech Live news team, Pereira brings viewers the most comprehensive technology news available in a nine and a half hour live, daily format.Prior to joining Tech TV in 1999, Martin Sargent was an editor at PC Computing magazine. On The Screen Savers, Martin delivers daily top five lists, field segments, and is also a frequent guest host.
Michaela Pereira, Martin Sargent


Peachpit Press/New Riders

ISBN 0-78972703X
Videomaker: Field Audio

Today's home entertainment systems can have 6 or more separate channels of sound. This gives videographers the opportunity to impress their audiences with an amazing audio experience. Impressing your audience with great sound is impossible if you do not have good quality audio to begin with. There are many challenges videographers can face when recording audio outside of a studio environment. We have prepared this DVD from our weekly vidcast series to prepare you for those challenges.

In this DVD, our editors prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to record high quality audio with boom, lavaliere and wireless microphones. Be ready to record live events and interviews. Our experts share their insights and ideas gained from years of experience in recording audio for video in the field.

Watching DVDs is an effective and enjoyable way to learn videography. You will be very glad you watched this one when you are ready to edit your video with the clean, clear audio recordings you learn how to capture in this DVD.

This DVD is a collection some of our best segments on recording audio for video from Videomaker's weekly tips and tricks series. It includes 10 segments on how to capture or create the sounds you need to enhance your video.

1 How to Use Microphones for an Interview
2 Miking Live Events
3 How to Use a Boom Microphone
4 Working With a Field Audio Mixer
5 Lavaliere Microphone Placement
6 Camcorder Audio
7 Working With Headphones
8 How to Best Hide Microphones
9 Make Your Own Free Sound Effects
10 Tips for Wireless Microphones

30 minutes
Videomaker: Outdoor Videography

Shooting videos outdoors can sometimes be a bit trickier than inside because you're often working in an uncontrolled environment. Making the sun and nature's wild sounds work for you are just a few of the shooting challenges you'll learn from this DVD.

  • Shooting Landscapes
  • Shooting from a Moving Car
  • Macro Videography
  • Night Time Shooting
  • Shooting Video in the Snow
  • Outdoor Audio
  • Lens Filters
  • Gear Protection

30 minutes on one DVD

Videomaker's Basics of Videography

Basic Shooting

With a few simple tips, you'll be on your way to producing top-notch videos while having fun in the process.  Program includes:

q       Camcorder Features and Functions

q       Button Basics

q       Lighting Basics

q       Sound Advice

q       The Art of Composition


Light It Right!
The experts at Videomaker examine the lighting techniques that will help you turn your videos into top-notch, professional-looking productions. Program includes:

q        Light Theory

q       Tools and Terms of Lighting

q       Studio Lighting

q       Outdoor Nighttime Lighting

q       Indoor Daytime Lighting

q       Outdoor Daytime Lighting

Sound Success
Discover new ways to make your videos better and more interesting with the use of quality sound microphones and techniques.  Program includes:

q        Mike Types

q       Wired or Wireless

q       Overcoming Indoor Audio Problems

q       Overcoming Outdoor Audio Problems

q       Editing Audio

q       Audio Sweetening

Videomaker magazine

90 minute DVD

Videomaker's Advanced Shooting

In this DVD, the experts at Videomaker go beyond the basics and teach you to refine your shooting skills and tell a better story.

         Shot Sheets, Logs and Slates - How to use shot sheets, storyboards, logs and slates to effectively map your shots and boost the quality of your production.

         Lenses and Filters - Use filters to protect your camcorder's sensitive components, improve shot quality and create interesting effects.

         Exposure and Shutter - Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs), using your camcorder's iris to manipulate depth of field, using shutter speed to control exposure.

         Camera Moves - Learn the ins and outs of dollys, trucks, arcs and cranes. How to improvise on the cheap.

         Handheld Techniques - Using your body to make your shots smooth and stable. Image stabilization - optical, electronic and with a Steadycam.

         Composition - Get beyond the "Rule of 3rds." Converging lines, depth of frame, lens compression, using focus, the "Hitchcock Zoom," and how to shoot moving subjects.

Videomaker Magazine

30 minute DVD

Videomaker's The Money Shot (VHS)

This is the first VHS ever to reveal the trade secrets of selling home video to local and national television shows for big bucks!

Subjects include:

  • What sells (examples of the top 11 categories)
  • Who buys (names and numbers of the major buyers of amateur video)
  • Where to go and what to shoot (what TV producers look for)
  • How to shoot video that sells (tips from a top Hollywood cameraman)
  • How to sell your home video for big bucks!
  • And much more!!!
Videomaker Magazine

45 minute VHS

If you find that the training materials here don't cover your needs
(many can be rented from )