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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 65 No 6 - Page 2

MARCH 2005


DVD Compilations of entries
Convention 2005 (Sponsored by AMMA)

AMMA International / AMMA “Magic Moments” (Sponsored by AMMA) /Ten Best of the West

A notice appeared in the most recent issue of AMMA's The Monitor where copies of the entries in the above-named contests were offered to Clubs for a modest fee. In fact, what was exhibited on the Convention 2005 Cruise to Alaska, would be made available. Erroneously, this offer included the AMPS 2005 compilation.

In past years, AMMA’s Bill Leeder produced VHS copies of the AMMA entries. He brought a stack of these to the Convention and took orders if he ran out of copies.

In 2005, several Clubs asked me if I could make copies of the same DVD’s that I produced for the Convention cruise. Through Mark Levy, President of AMMA, I happily agreed to burn sets of DVD’s disks and, also, I asked our Mike to generate front and rear covers for each disk case. Mike has done a trial product -- elegantly!

After Mike & I traded experiences re: the fragility of plastic DVD cases when bent beneath the Post Office franking machine, we settled for paper jackets and the supply of “paper covers” which the recipients may choose to install themselves. By doing it this way, we’d save everyone mailing costs, to boot.


The purchaser receives: 4 DVD disks, front and back covers and envelopes . Packaged in a bubble mailer . And a total program of over FIVE hours of viewing.

Waivers signed by entrants allow AMMA and TBW to make copies for two purposes, viz., exhibition at the annual Convention and for “instructional purposes at Club meetings.”

I may be asked again in 2006, following the Las Vegas event, to produce compilations .

The Future of the Ten Best of the West

The TBW contest 2006 will be chaired by Bernie Wood’s club in California . Roger Garetson emailed Margaret and me a copy of what the TBW has been over its many years. It seems TBW was once the powerhouse that drove the Annual Conventions, but somehow, over recent years, TBW has adopted an identity of its own, but without a Board of Directors.

With AMMA & AMPS now attracting international entries of significantly higher caliber than what was the case over the recent decade, “ordinary amateur” moviemakers are indeed challenged. So there’s still a “niche” for the TBW, where the “battle-tested” international entries are excluded, but where our Club remains privileged to view the excellent entries submitted to AMMA & AMPS.

Roger proposed devoting a session at the 2006 Convention to address the future of the TBW Contest. Our members should be thinking about this matter.

Humble scribe
Dave F.


Video Jargon Trivia: What does the term "Wild Track" or "Wild Sound" refer to? If an image of the untamed savanna popped into your mind, with a roar of a lion, chattering of monkeys, or some other appropriate wild animal noise, then you're wrong. If you answered, "…non-synchronous audio recorded independent of picture (e.g. rain on roof, train whistle) often captured with a separate audio recorder, or with a camcorder," then you get ten points.
Lets say that you are out on a shoot, capturing nature at its finest---the birds, the bees, the nudist beach, the airplane flying over. Shucks, ruined the best shot of the month, the ruby-throated feather-breasted Warbler in full flight (just go with it for a bit, ok?). So you've got the great footage, but that airplane noise is spoiling your audio. Well, the bird may have flown, and the plane has winged its way out of hearing, so why not take a moment, put down your camera and capture that "wild sound" of the environment where the bird was found. Later, during your editing, you can cut out the audio with the airplane and replace it with pristine non-airplane contaminated audio.
Ye-Ha! Wild Sound to the rescue..!


Ok, lets stretch this a bit further. Lets say that you captured the Warbler, in all its glory, and you didn't notice the sound of the airplane spoiling the audio until you are back at home starting to edit.
Do you have to head back out and spend time tromping through the forest to get some background audio..? Nope. You don't if you have a computer and can put "Atmosphere Deluxe" to work for you. Atmosphere turns your PC into a generator of natural sound environments. A few clicks to select the environment that you want, and then you can record your audio and incorporate it into your video.
Let your ears be the judge. There is a "Lite" version that is free to download and use. The free version


has twelve nature sound presets (storm, downpour, woodland, dawn chorus, etc) so you can experiment and see if it's worth upgrading to the "Deluxe" version for $29.95 US. And there is a 21- day trial version of Atmosphere Deluxe so even that can be tested before you pay for the 'unlock code'.
Right now the software only runs on the PC, but they say that they are working on a Mac OSX version.
So, click on the "Meadow" preset, add some bird sounds, and leafs blowing, record the sound and bid adieu to the pesky airplane that spoiled your award winning footage. I'll download the trial version and record some of the sounds on a CD that we can listen to at our March meeting.
However you get your "wild sound" it’s a trick of the trade that you should get into the habit of collecting—add this skill to your "Video Toolkit" because when you need it, you REALLY need it.
Michael "Wild" Veronneau
Atmosphere Deluxe $29.95 by VectorMedia Software