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Victoria Video Club
Bulletin Vol 62 No 8 - Page 2

May 2003




At the April Meeting, sure, we took a while to get in the mood for the shoot." My special thanks to Edna and Stan and to the audience who remained "nice and quiet" no shuffling or talking, and who seemed to get a ""rush from watching the "rushes"


OK, would you be up to another attempt at the May Meeting?




Some more actors to give Edna and me a break. Stan on the camera ? (OK ?) Other camera-people?

A light, one flood bulb, reflector on a stand or on a tripod? Continuity person for re-shoots. Location preparation.

TV monitor (watch shoot in progress. as we take it).


Please contact Margaret, Eleanor, Stan, or Sheila if you can help out.



There must be a whole stack of short story-board scenes lurking in such publications as The Readers Digest. Good for 1-Minute shoots, no complicated props, short simple lines to be spoken. Joke books. Short jokes, without complicated props that can be played out to 1-minute length. Can you dig some out?


If you haven't noticed Members of our club are "getting on" a tad. Some of us with a few more years of button pressing and movie-editing. Famous Wally Shaw is now 84 and still churning out movies with delightful content.


Why don't we make a few movies with the people and resources we have in our Club? Can we talk about it?




I contacted my Hamilton friend, who agreed to find judges for us; I made the compilation, total of about 30 minutes; shipped it by Express-post. My contact said she'd dug up FOUR judges. Back by Express Post, circa -May 20th.


See y'all at the May Meeting. With an entry for the 1-Minute Contest, perhaps?


Your faithful scribe