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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 65 No 8 - Page 2

MAY 2006


The UPPAN ATOM award for 2005-6 Club achievement goes to the production of The Birth of Jesus. Add to that, we’re financially stable, we’ve enjoyed a number of “Guest Speakers”; we have several new members; new publications and “loaner DVD’s”; a monthly Bulletin, etc.


With some shortcomings expressed by several members, our Banquet and Movies Show were celebrated…

I must reluctantly agree that my old eyes, even with cataracts removed, on viewing this year’s compilation, it seemed that they were smelted from a lower grade ore. Not as good as last year’s.

Folks, we ignore this observation at our peril. “Lord, send us a sign.” He has. There are too few of us making too few movies, for starters. How can we rejuvenate interest and come up with a whole fistful of new, Oscar-winning movies for 2006-7?

First, our Club welcomes “viewers”. “Doers” very much need you! To qualify as a “doer”, as well, add enthusiasm, some movie-making equipment and a willingness to sail into uncharted waters. We all can create and expand our skills - either as a “lone rangers” or as a “team-members.”

As long as we’re making movies, our Club will prosper. It's the club glue.

Our “gems” don’t HAVE to become Contest caliber entries. If they’re about 4 to 5 minutes long, edited—like the sculptor who’s chipped off the unwanted bits—let’s see ‘em at our Meetings.


Workshops (from Members’ Talents and Leadership):

Learn by doing and sharing

  • Camerawork
  • Writing Commentary & delivering it
  • Editing -scene selection; sequencing; manipulating images for length, Slo-Mo, effects, corrections, etc.
  • Titling; transitions
  • Audio support (music & effects)


  • One special feature for each of our eight meetings, planned in advance, with backups
  • Being part of a Club Shoot
  • Everyone into the recruiting business
  • Searching out retired actors or willing souls who’ll give acting a fling
  • Taking movies and stills of events to produce a short DVD as a “hand-out” to prospective members - anyone with a camera can contribute
  • Sharing the burden of running the Club - volunteering for office and/or Club projects

Can we read the SIGNS ? If we believe in our Club, we can. Ain’t no magic “fix” and it won’t just happen . We’ve gotta MAKE it happen.

Your Humble Scribe, Dave


Workshop: Next Club Production
: Monday May 15th
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Where: Margaret's house

29-901 Kentwood Lane

What: Bring a joke, a script, a poem, or an idea for what the club should 'team up' to produce for the coming year. Jean pitched a few ideas at the April meeting, and Margaret threw in one idea at our March meeting...Alice has an idea–a poem---although that one might be in production now with Ray. But in any case, the workshop is intended to allow everyone to take a few minutes to pitch his or her idea for the next club production.

This is a 'brainstorming' bring your CREATIVITY...and bring your power of positive thought. Everyone is welcome...

RSVP Margaret (658-0439) or Michael (387-8963/658-4446)

A late addition to our May Program…

Kathyrn Jene Dunphy, a member of the Victoria Camera Club ( and the editor of their club magazine called “Close-Up" may be dropping in to visit with our club this month. If so, she will be bringing a few of the multi-media presentations that were shown at this year's "Photographers in Action" event, open to the public. This definitely gives a “photographic” bent to our next meeting…but I'm sure that you will, ah, still be interested.



Club Marketing

Remember that our 'adopt a location' program is still in place. This program encourages members to 'adopt' a location that they will decorate with club advertising material (e.g. the club "business card"). Then you check periodically to make sure that the advertising is still in place/stocked up. Let our club secretary, Mila know your location (or locations) so that we avoid duplication. David, put that baby down—we're adopting LOCATIONS..!

And speaking of marketing, the club has purchased a 'lawn sign' kit. This sign can be used both indoors and outdoors and should be an 'eye-catching' addition to our marketing materials.

We are in the process of designing the sign, and so far this is what it looks like. If you have comments please contact Michael at 387-8963.

Cheers, Michael