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Victoria Video Club


A sample of movies made by club members (past and present) and other videos of interest. Hope you enjoy..!
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Lighthouses of British Columbia

Lighthouses in BC from mila werbik on Vimeo.

Movie Title: Lighthouses of British Columbia
Produced by: Mila Werbik
Length: 00:06:14
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Cycling to Neah Bay

Cycling to Neah Bay from LRH (LDC) on Vimeo.

Movie TitleCycling to Neah Bay
Produced by: Lars Reese-Hansen
DateFall 2013
Length: 00:09:42
Background -  This short narrative is about my fall of 2013 six-day cycling “micro adventure”. The short journey brought me to some outstanding close-to-home places that I would have otherwise never have seen. The solo trip covered a figure of eight route following a variety of trails and roads (some of them abandoned) across the northwestern corner of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I shot this video using two ailing cameras: a NEX7 (with some significant design issues…) and Canon Elph 100 (which had been dropped and was not working at all well).
Related links:
•MUSIC: Fretless is an incredibly talented group of musicians playing incredible music. Please support them by purchasing their albums at
•MICRO ADVENTURES: This little journey was conceived based on Alastair Humphreys “micro adventure” theme. Learn more about these short backyard adventures at Alastair’s website: and
•MAKAH FIRST NATION: I stayed on, and traveled through, much of the Makah’s traditional territory for most of this journey. You can learn more about the history of the Makah, their wonderful museum, and what their community has to offer the modern-day west coast adventurer at
•OLYMPIC DISCOVERY TRAIL: A restoration project in progress facilitated by the efforts of local volunteers and communities, conversion of this railroad to a 195km (120 mile) rail-to-trail has been a commendable effort and well worth riding (I do it every year!). Check out their informative website with a great interactive map feature.
•THE ROUTE: View and down load the route on Ride with GPS: Warning: the sections along: (i) while 'doable', the north side of Crescent Lk is not suitable for touring bikes (at this time?); and (ii) the labyrinth of old roads between the Makah hatchery south to Ozette Lk are mostly abandoned and difficult to navigate. Also, truck traffic along hwy 112 can be very heavy; traveling late in the day may be the best option for cyclists to avoid heavy truck traffic.
•PEOPLE: While not featured here, this journey's experience was enhanced by the amazing people I met along the way. A special thanks to Janet, Keith, Vern, Anne, and especially Gary, for making this trip all the more worthwhile.
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My City

Movie Title: My City
Produced by: Les Desfosses
DateJune 24, 2014
Length: 00:04:00
Les' entry for the Assigned Subject Contest for 2014.
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From Delhi to Katmandu

From Delhi to Kathmandu movie from mila werbik on Vimeo.

Movie Title: From Delhi to Katmandu
Produced by: Mila Werbik
Length: 00:09:51
Winner of the SCCA Special Award for "Best Cinematography" in the 2013 SCCA Annual Video Competition.
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From Hanoi to Mekong Delta

From Hanoi To Mekong Delta -Vimeo from mila werbik on Vimeo.

Movie Title: From Hanoi to Mekong Delta
Produced by: Mila Werbik
Length: 00:06:54
Winner of the Class A Advanced category in the SCCA Annual Video Competition for 2013.
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Canadian Tundra

Canadian Tundra from mila werbik on Vimeo.

Movie TitleCanadian Tundra
Produced by: Mila Werbik
DateMay 22, 2013
Length: 00:03:52
Placed 1st Runner Up in the Class A Advanced category of the SCCA Annual Video Competition for 2013.  
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Not Enough

Movie Title: Not Enough
Produced by: David Fuller & various club members
Length: 00:01:46
Another club production, again under the directorship of David Fuller, Another "get off your butt and learn" production. Thank you Dave..!
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Club production: Doctor's Jokes

Movie Title: The Clinic
Produced by: David Fuller & various club members
Length: 00:03:13
In accordance with our policy of getting involved, under the direction of David Fuller, club members spend some time participating in a small club production called "The Clinic." The best way to learn to make movies? Get off your duff and make movies!!  As David would later say about this effort:
"Our Club Mandate - making movies. The Clinic (Doctors' Jokes): PART of an actual Club Shoot involving newcomers who've never been on an Club Shoot before. Jokes were requested and delivered by members. On location, one experienced member conducted rehearsals. Nine patients & one doctor. Experienced director and camera-persons. Only one "patient" had any acting experience . 13 participating members. Over Two nights, pre-coffee break."
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A Wonderful World

A Wonderful World from mila werbik on Vimeo.

Movie Title: A Wonderful World
Produced by: Mila Werbik
DateJanuary 2013
Length: 00:02:21
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Highlights of Europe

Highlights of Europe-Vimeo from mila werbik on Vimeo.

Movie Title: Hightlights of Europe
Produced by: Mila Werbik
DateMarch 2013
Length: 00:07:57
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An Artful Afternoon

An Artful Afternoon from LRH (LDC) on Vimeo.

Movie Title: An Artful Afternoon
Produced by: LRH (LDC)
DateNovember 2012
Length: 00:03:58
Background Originally a Steve Stockman (Shoot Video that doesn't Suck) exercise, I added some additional clips taken over the last few years to make this short piece. Features one of our favorite provincial parks. Shot with NEX 7, NEX 5, however all clips of the 'artist' drawing were taken with a point-and-shoot Canon Elph 300.
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Celebrating Fifty

Celebrating Fifty from LRH (LDC) on Vimeo.

Movie Title: Celebrating Fifty
Produced by: LRH (LDC)
DateNovember 2012
Length: 00:07:34
Background Shot with a Canon Rebel XS and a Pentax Optio W60, these photos depict a 2010 trip through western Washington and Oregon. The first half of the route was inspired by “by chricycle” on (for route see:, except we climbed up the back roads on the eastside of Mt St Helens and took the historic highway route along the south side of the Columbia River Gorge (highly recommended) via the Bridge of the Gods. We then headed down the Willamette Valley, popped over to the coast, and after a 100kms or so rode back to Portland where we caught the train home. A great trip with a wonderful partner! Total cycling distance was about 1000kms.
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Ken Burns on Story

Ken Burns: On Story from Redglass Pictures on Vimeo.

Movie Title: Ken burns: On Story
Produced by: Redglass Pictures
Length: 00:05:21
Background What makes a great story? For legendary filmmaker Ken Burns, the answer is both complicated and personal. In this short documentary about the craft of storytelling, he explains his lifelong mission to wake the dead. Recently featured on The Atlantic. (

Directed by Tom Mason and Sarah Klein
Music by Ryan Sayward Whittier
Animation by Elliot Cowan

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Pieces of the Puzzle

Movie Title: Pieces of the Puzzle
Produced by: © 2011 Dan Martin
DateAugust 2011
Length: 00:04:14 
Background Music video shot & produced by Dan Martin with blue grass singer/song writer Kelly Girvan in Duncan B.C. Shot over two days, and edited over a few weeks (Dan quiped "... a little longer than it should have taken, but I have to work full-time too!"). Visit Dan's YouTube channel for more of his videos.
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Gold is not necessarily golden...
Movie Title: Golden
Produced by: © 2011 Dan Martin
DateJanuary 2011
Length: 00:03:00
Background Filmed the week before Christmas 2010, at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada. Dan says that "...I wanted to put something together that touched on raising a family, choices we make and how sometimes things just work out. The good times seem Glolden to me...something to cherish and appreciate."  Filmed with a Canon EOS 7D. Dan also has some additional movies on his YouTube channel.
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Gin & Tonic

Movie Title: Gin & Tonic
Produced by: © 2008 Victoria Video Club 
Cast: Philip Pryce-Jones as Stan; Annie Spracklen as Olive
Director: Michael Véronneau
Cameras: Margaret Chamberlain and David Fuller
Crew:  Gordon Wicks (Audio), Alice Thomas (Slate)
Editor: Margaret Chamberlain and David Fuller
DateSeptember 2008
Length: 00:12:40 
Background Based on a script, of the same name, by John Clifford ( this movie adaptation by director Michael Veronneau was brought to life in the fall of 2008, with the assistance of Margaret Chamberlain (camera 1) and David Fuller (camera 2), Gordon Wicks (audio), and Alice Thomas. Edited by Margaret Chamberlain and David Fuller (using Casablanca Prestige editors) this video has taken the first place award in the SCCA's 2009 annual contest for club videos.
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Revenge is Sweet

Movie Title: Revenge is Sweet
Produced by: © 2009 Allie Productions 
Cast: Helen Carter as Dorothy; Maurice Hartle as George; Joe & Tammy Wright as Husband and Wife
Director: Alice Thomas
Crew: Michael Véronneau, Gordon Wicks, Ray Painchaud
Editor: Anna Malkin
DateAugust 2009
Length: 00:12:47 
Background Based on a story by club member Alice Thomas, directors Alice Thomas and assistant Director Michael Veronneau planned and brought this production to life with the assistance of Gordon Wicks (lighting), and Ray Painchaud (audio). Edited by Anna Malkin (using iMovie HD 6 and Final Cut Pro) this video was presented to the crew and cast on August 17th, and had it's club debut at the club's October 2009 monthly meeting at Goward House. 
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Grandma's Gift

Movie Title: Grandma's Gift
Produced by: © 2008 Victoria Video Club (Stan Coe, Michael Véronneau, Gordon Wicks, Huguette Coe)
DateSummer 2008
Length: 00:06:44 
Background Based on a story by club member Alice Thomas, Stan Coe directed this production to completion with the assistance of Gordon Wicks and Huguette Coe. Edited by Michael Véronneau (using Pinnacle Studio 12) this video saw its debut at the club's 2008 picnic held in Crofton, BC. 
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The Birth of Jesus

Movie Title: The Birth of Jesus
Produced by: The Victoria Video Club Workshop 2005 (Michael Véronneau, Margaret Chamberlain, Don Jenson, Ray Painchaud, Mila Werbik)
Date: November 2005
Length: 00:05:01 (16 Mb download)
Background It’s a wrap. Our church production had its official release on December 24th 2005 to an entertained and enthusiastic congregation. Titled "The Birth of Jesus: Luke 2: 1-20", it was quite a team effort. But with some patience, good planning, and a touch of luck, it was a successful club project. (read more about this project...)
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Looking for Signs

Movie Title: Looking for Signs
Produced by: David Fuller 
DateDecember 5, 2012
Length: 00:04:35
This movie was made by David Fuller for the club's "assigned subject" competition. 
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Shaw TV: The Daily - Interview with Club President

Movie Title: Victoria Video Club - Shaw TV Interview
Produced by: Shaw TV: The Daily
DateApril 6, 2005
Length: 00:03:14 (17 Mb download)
Background Shaw TV's interview with (then) Club President Margaret Chamberlain, and newest member Michael Veronneau, talking about the club. This 3 minute video appeared at various times, for a few weeks on Shaw TV's "The Daily" and helped generate a fair amount of interest in the club and a few new members.  
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The Atlantic Tour

Movie Title: The Atlantic Tour
Produced by: David & Joan Fuller 
Length: 00:06:58
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1938 Hatley Park

Movie Title: 1938 Hatley Park
Produced by: Douglas Flintoff
Length: 00:13:47
Produced by club founder Douglas Flintoff, this film was created in 1938 to promote the sale of Hatley Park. The film was commissioned by the Royal Trust Company. Hatley Park became the site of Royal Roads Military College, and subsequently Royal Roads University.
The film starts in downtown Victoria, with the inner harbour, followed by a leisurely drive to the property in Colwood, with a tour of the gardens and grounds of Hatley Castle and surrounding area.

A copy of this film is stored in the Royal Roads University Archives.