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Victoria Video Club

Bulletin Vol 66 No 4


DATE      Tuesday, January 30, 2007

PLACE    Cadboro Bay United Church, 2625 Arbutus Road, The Lounge

TIME       7:00 p.m.



Club Announcements

Guest Speaker: Anne-Marie DeSouza

Screen Movies...

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THE NEXT EXECUTIVE MEETING - will be held on Monday, February 12 at 7:00pm at the home of Margaret Chamberlain.

OUR JANUARY GUEST SPEAKER - is Anne-Marie DeSouza, an assistant producer at Cedarwood Video Editing and Production. Anne-Marie attended the Gulf Islands Film and Television School (GIFTS) this summer in the 'media intensive program' and will be telling us about this experience and presenting the movie that was completed by her team. She will also telling about her work at Cedarwood, and some of their projects.

THE GOODIES for the January meeting will be provided by Mila Werbik.

THE ANNUAL CONTEST DEADLINE is the January 30 meeting. In this contest, your entries may be on any subject and up to fifteen minutes in length. There are three classes: Novice, Intermediate, and Open. You may enter as many videos as you wish. Refer to your "Contest Rules" sheet for qualifications. Your entries may now be on DVD or VHS but remember to put only one entry on each DVD or VHS Tape. Also, be sure to mark it with the exact length of your video production.

A WORKSHOP FOR THE REVISION OF OUR CONTEST RULES will be held on February 19 at 1:00 - 4:00 at the home of Sheila Perkins. If you are interested in participating in this, please read the e-mail with information on contest rules revision, prior to the attending the meeting. Be prepared to offer your comments and suggestions for changes. We value everyone's input so, if you are unable to attend the workshop, you are welcome to send or give Sheila a written submission. If you did not receive the e-mailed information, and would like to participate, please contact Sheila.

This year there will be club meetings on both FEBRUARY 27 and MARCH 27 due to our November meeting being cancelled.

OUR NEW INSTRUCTIONAL DVDare in the Learning Library and you are welcome to borrow them. Please contact Sheila.

OUR ANNUAL BANQUET will be held on Sunday, March 18, at 12:30p.m., at the Holiday Inn, 3020 Blanshard Street. Reception will be at 12:30 and dinner at 1:00 p.m. We will be having a buffet. The menu is Green Salad, Mulitgrain Dinner Rolls, Hot Seasoned Vegetables, Lemon Herb Chicken with Rice, Assorted Sweets and Squares, Coffee and Tea. Tickets are $24 per person, to be purchased in advance. Tickets are available from Margaret, and at the January meeting.

THE ASSIGNED SUBJECT CONTEST deadline will be the April 24 meeting. The topic will be "Windows and Doors".

THE SCCA's ASSIGNED SUBJECT CONTEST topic this year is: "Your Call is Important to Us." The deadline is June 1. Our club members are eligible to enter this contest as groups or individuals.

"Listen to the Water"
Eleanor Haire
"Autumn Leaves"
Margaret Chamberlain


"The Forest is Calling Me"


Eleanor Haire


VISITORS are always welcome at our meetings. Bring along a friend.

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