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Victoria Video Club


Currently the club is meeting
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A Masterclass in Handheld Camera Operation
 December 19, 2013

Director of Photography Sean Bobbitt, gives a presentation on handheld camera operations, sponsored by ARRI. Aimed at the professional and advanced shooter, this is an interesting discussion of handheld technique, and the reasons and motivations for shooting this way.


You may want to skip the first nine minutes, where an ARRI rep gives a discussion on some of their cameras.

1938 Hatley Park - "For Sale!"
 November 12, 2013 

It does not matter whether you are taking video of family activities, making a mini-documentary, or creating a music video for a school band, you can learn to make them better with us. Don't tranquilize your friends and family! Drop into one of our monthly club meetings to find out more...

The Victoria Video Club is an amateur video production club, based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The club currently has about 24 members.
Our club is open to anyone interested in amateur video production. If you have been looking for a way to improve your video shooting and editing, or just want to see what other people are producing, then drop in to a club meeting, check out our extensive book and instructional library, and discuss making movies with like-minded enthusiasts.
We are fortunate to have members who use a range of editing platforms and software solutions---so no matter what type of camera you are using or computer for editing you are likely to find someone using the same or similar equipment---including:
  • Macrosystems: Casablanca series of video editing systems
  • Macintosh: Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro Express, and iMovie HD;
  • PC-based: Adobe Premier Pro & Premier Elements, Avid & Pinnacle Studio and Magix Video Pro X and Movie Edit Pro;
  • Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC camcorders and DSLRs and sports cameras like the GoPro and Drift series.

The club's activities include social occasions (dinners and get togethers around town), but our core goal is to improve our video productions through skill improvement. Shooting technique, editing tools and resources, scriptwriting, working with actors (be they your grandchildren or other enthusiastic volunteers) are all topics that come up in our conversations.
The club meetings include screening of videos produced by club members and also by members of other clubs that participate in an exchange program. Often we return the exchanged videos with summaries of our praise and suggestions for improvements. Constructive criticism is key.
Another benefit of membership is that the club participates in several user group programs with publishers: entitling member to discounts on the price of books and ebooks dealing with video making and editing.  Drop in to one of our meetings and learn more about the club...!



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